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Shiki was both nervous and anxious to get off the boat and head back to his home and finish the fight with his family once and for all. He was stronger now, more mature, and well, he was different than he was months ago. He ran a hand through his hair. He had to do this, for him and Harley. He had to do this for them. He promised his beloved a wonderful life once he returned and he was going to do it.


Aza couldn't be anymore nervous. He never had to fight much back in Aves. The last time he ever had to fight was in the war many, many years ago. He bit his lip and slowly stood, patting down his robe. What would happen now? How many of them would fall during this battle? He shuddered, looking over to his beloved. Would they be parted by death?

He pulled all his hair over his shoulder, playing with his red curls. Were they all just marching to their deaths?


His home country never changed, nothing changed since he had gone away or since he was MIA. Years of never knowing what happened to his old home, to the mothers of his two children. Years of never knowing the state of his own mother's grave. Would everything have been left the same? Did the King send the soldiers to erase his existence by burning down his old home?

He grit his teeth and a snarl curled his lips, he wouldn't put it past the man. He did kill Kayden's mother in the first place. His grip tightened on his sword. Waiting for this day for years, he would avenge his mother. Avenge his children's childhood and avenge himself for the pain that man put him through. He would show that man to never mess with him or his family.

His arm reached out and pulled his eldest close to him, stroking over those shocking curls. The only thing he could wish for was for no one to get hurt or die. He took in a deep breath and pulled the boy just a bit closer. He would make that man pay. He would mark the man like he marked Kayden. Scar by scar he would leave on the man's skin. Of course, his icey blues shifted over to Cecy, he would help his sister reclaim the throne and set peace in the lands. His son, his eyes shifted down to Aza would help clean up Aves and his other son would probably help every little bit of the way.

Kayden only hoped the King had guards willing to fight against an enraged ex-soldier. The guards will drop like flies at his feet...

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