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Chapter 1

The wind stirred my long black hair, so I pushed it aside. Before me was a large crystal, sitting in idle above an icy mountain. I started running up the steep mountain side until I reached the top. After admiring the jewel it began to glow. A distant voice called out to me, “You are chosen." As the voice continued to become more intense, the crystal grew brighter. The mountain started to shake and ground beneath my feet split. I fell down into darkness.

Like lightning, I shot up in bed. Shaking the image out of my mind I said, "It was just another dream.” I quickly dressed myself and headed to the kitchen. My older brother and father were about to step out of the door. "Leo and I are leaving for work," Father said, but my mother caught them. "Not before you eat something. Here take a few pieces of toast." She handed them their food and they stepped outside.
"Good morning Mother," I said taking a seat at the table.
"Mornin' Kiara. Did you sleep well?"
I replied in a solemn tone, "No. The dream was the same, as always."
Mother had a worried look, but she quickly changed her mood. "Well, don't worry about it now. Have some breakfast."
After shoving a piece of toast in my mouth I asked, “Do we have any milk?"
"Not at the moment. James went out to get some, but he hasn't come back yet," replied Mother.
I gulped down a glass of water and walked back to my room to get dressed. Afterwards, I rushed back to the kitchen and kissed Mother on the cheek. "I'm going out to see Marsy. I'll be back later."
"Alright dear!" Mother yelled as I closed the front door behind me.

Dirt from the street floated up into the air, as my feet hit the ground. Looking around I noticed the houses seemed even shabbier than before. Some windows were boarded shut and the homes looked empty. Shuddering at the thought, I thought back to the time when Overlord Xavaster first took control.
The city of Lavender used to be so lively. Everyone was happy and no one had a care in the world....until that day. Xavaster showed up and took the position as dictator. With his magic powers, no one could stop him. His high taxes have sent many into debt with no way of escaping it. Sometimes he has his minions come and take innocent souls off the streets and changes them into hybrids! I shook my head in disgust; Lavender is just dust in the wind. Soon I finally made it to the town square and found my friend at the Lavender Tree.
The Lavender Tree is the only tree that has bloomed since Xavaster's reign. Like a beacon of hope, it grows bigger and brighter each year. It's very precious to the citizens of Lavender. I'm surprised Xavaster hasn't cut it down yet.
My friend Marsy was sitting under the tree holding a photograph. I headed over and sat down next to her.
"Hi Marsy. What cha' got there?"
"Hello Kiara. I'm just looking at an old picture." She handed it over.
It was an old photo of us when we were little. We were running happily around the Lavender Tree playing a game of tag. Smiles beamed from our faces.
"It sure has been a while since this was taken," I told her.
"Yeah, a lot of things have changed since then," she said.
At that moment two of Xavaster's minions came rolling into the square. As they walked, they bumped into people and even pushed some down. A homeless man was nearby and they approached him.
"Daniel Fink?" said one of the ugly minions.
"Yes?" replied the man.
"You have fallen behind in your taxes and are ordered to be seen by Dark Overlord Xavaster."
The minions tackled and restrained him.
"Help me! Somebody please help!" shouted the man as the creatures cuffed and took him away.
"Not again," Marsy said.
Hatred for the creatures filled my mind. "Somebody has to do something!" With my fists clenched, I headed towards the beasts.

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