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Chapter 3
"REALLY!" James shouted in excitement. "That's so cool! But what will Mother and Father think of it?"
"You see James," I pulled him closed and whispered,"Mother and Father aren't gonna find out."
"What? You have to tell them," he replied.
"You know well enough they would never let me go....James there's just something that feels right about this. Maybe I can figure out a way to save our city even."
He looked at me and sighed. "Considering what happened, it isn't just coincidence. I guess you can go, BUT you have to make up your own excuse for Mother and Father because I don't want to lie to them."
I jumped up and slapped is arm. "Did I ever tell you that you were the better brother!" I winked at him.
"Yeah yeah whatever," he said with a nervous smile.

Later that evening I was still thinking about what to say to my parents. I remember my Aunt lived about a 5 day journey away from us. Perhaps I could tell them I wanted to visit her to get away from all the stuff going on in Lavender. Hopefully I could convince them. I walked out to the living room to see the rest of the family gathered around the small coffee table, chatting about their day.
"Mother?" I asked.
"Yes dear?"
"I was wondering," I looked at James but he turned away."Could I maybe spend a few days at Aunt Jasmine's house? I would kinda like to get away from Lavender for a while." I mustered up my most convincing puppy dog face.
"Well that doesn't sounds too bad. What do you think hun?" She asked my father.
"Sounds fine to me. Will you be alright going alone? The boys need to stay and help and Mother can't go. You know the way, right?" My father said.
"YES! I know the way! Can I leave tomorrow?" I asked, barely holding in my excitement.
"Tomorrow? Shouldn't we send her a letter first?" My mother replied looking at me suspectingly.
I calmed down a tad. "I was actually hoping I could surprise her."
My mother looked back to my father. He shrugged not giving much help. She turned back to me. "I guess so!"
I gave her a hug and then I ran back into my room. I grabbed some pencil and paper to start writing down supplies that I needed.

Early the next morning, all the items I needed were all scattered out across my bed. My eyes ran down the list double checking items. After I checked the last box, I started squeezing all the supplies into my backpack. I put on my boots and hiked my backpack over my shoulder and went in to the living room.
"Okay Mother, I'm ready to go."
"Alright! Be safe, and remember to stop and rest when your tired. Don't wear yourself out," my mother replied.
I finished saying my goodbyes and stepped out into the street.
I walked as fast as I could through the city, trying not to look up. I couldn't stand to see one more minute of pain and suffering. I finally reached the end of the city and looked back.
"Don't worry Lavender. When I come back I'll save you from this," I said with vengence as I turned and left the city.

Chapter 4
I've been walking for a few hours now. The land finally changed into a thick dense forest. "Seems like Xavaster hasn't gotten to these trees yet," I said to myself. Taking in my surroundings, I felt at peace. It was so quiet and calming. No strange sounds or innocent cries. And the sky was actually blue! Not it's normal grey hue like in Lavender.
"GGGRRRR!" I froze in place. I looked around slowly and I heard it again. "Wait a second." I felt my stomach and it growled. I chuckled. "Guess I'm not as calm as I think I am! Looks like it may be time for lunch though." I took a seat at the foot of a large tree. Soon I was eating one of my mother's lovely sandwiches. "I am sure going to miss them," I said sadly. "But I need to do this. For me." I finished eating my sandwich and after a few minutes I continued on my way.

It was starting to get dark outside. I could see the sun slowly sink over the tree tops. I pulled out the map and examined it. By the looks of it, there should be a small town up ahead, where I planned to rest for the night. Hopefully the townsfolk would be welcoming. After about 15 minutes, I could see lights. I ran until I came to some cool tree houses. Their wooden structures fit just perfectly in with the limbs of the trees. Ladders and bridges connected them together. People were either up on them or on the ground conversing.
"Hello there."
I turned around and a red-headed child stood before me.
"Oh hello! I didn't even see you there," I replied. "I'm Kiara."
She said," Hi Kiara! I'm Ivy."
"You wouldn't happen by to know anyone willing to take me in for the night?" I asked her.
"Sure I do! In fact I'm sure my brother would be happy to let you stay at our house!" she said full of excitement.
She grabbed my hand and lead me up various ladders and ropes. Ivy chattered along the way. We finally reached a decent looking tree house. She went inside and I followed suit.
The interior seemed to be like the outside, wooden. But it had some comfy looking furniture. Ivy dragged over, who I assumed to be her brother. I tried not to stare as he shook my hand. He was very handsome. His dark green eyes stood out against his tan skin and caramel hair.
"Hello there," he said in a smooth voice. "My name is Alex Ianfire."
Even his voice was nice! "Hi there Alex," I replied trying not to blush. "I'm Kiara."
He smiled and I blushed even more. "Pleasure to meet you Kiara." He looks to Ivy.
"My sister said that you were needing a place to stay for the night. Am I right?"
I said, "Yes, if it's no problem."
"Of course it's not a problem! Although you may have to share a bed with Ivy. Our beds are limited"
"That's fine with me! I like Kiara. She's very nice!" replied the cute girl.

"Wow," said Alex looking at the clock. "It looks like it's passed your bedtime Ivy."
"But I'm not tired," whined Ivy. But as she said this, she feigned a yawn.
"Come on," he said as he scooped her up. He carried her to her room and tucked her in.
I sat on the comfy rug staring at the fire pit, watching the flames dance. Alex came out of her room and shut the door silently behind him. He came back and sat down next to me.
"You know I don't quite understand how you can have a fire in a tree. It's not very safe at least," I told him.
He laughed. "Don't worry! We coat our homes with fire-resistance spray. It works pretty good. And we always have safety precautions," He said as he pointed to a bucket of water nearby.
We sat there chatting for a bit.
"It's really sweet how you take care of your sister," I said.
"Thank you. It's the least I can do while my mom is away. She takes a trip every month to the big city, Satuwe, to get supplies for people."
We chat some more.
"So where are you heading to? We don't usually get a lot of visitors here,"Alex asked me."
I replied, "I'm on a little quest to South Callista."
"That's pretty far," he said. "May I ask why you're heading down there?"
I thought about telling him the truth, but afraid of him thinking I was crazy I said, "Just to say I've been there mostly."
Alex didn't seem to believe me, but he didn't say anything otherwise.
It got quiet pretty quick after that. Neither of us were talking.
"Perhaps I should head on to bed. I got a big day ahead of me tomorrow," I said getting up.
"I probably should too," Alex replied. "See you in the morning."
Being carefully not to make a sound, I climbed in bed with Ivy. She didn't seem to stir. I pulled the sheets over me and my mind raced through the events of today. Eventually Ivy's even breathing lured me to sleep where my dreams awaited me.

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