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1. What present did you always want for Christmas and never got?
Make up. I got it once, but my mom took it away from me and used it herself. It was a tube of lipstick. I was soooooo irritated.
2. Have you ever had a terrible present that you hated and what was it?
Twice. The first was from my SIL, she got me a Disney Princess Pillow that had a pocket with a Disney Princess Journal. I was 18 years old, and she's only 4 years older than me. She seriously thought I would appreciate a 10 year old's gift. The second time was from my MIL. She meant well, but went way over the top. I always wear white gold with rhinestone jewelery. Well she saw a bunch of COSTUME JEWELERY on sale. BIG HUGE DRESS UP stuff for a Quincenera or younger. I was 19.
3. What do you want for Christmas this year?
Christmas Ornaments. My gift last year was an after Christmas sale of ornaments and I absolutely loved it. I requested Hubs do that for me every year so I can justify buying holiday decor.
4. Do you think you'll get it?
Yes, it's no secret, and I demand it. Lol He even has the day after Christmas off so we can go shopping for it.
5. On average, how much do you spend on Christmas presents?
We used to spend $200 or more on everyone, but I bought throughout the year, so it never put us in a pinch, everyone got $20-$40 gifts. This year however, with our daughter old enough to get presents (last year she just got a stocking and an ornament) we cut back on spending so we could spoil her. Adults get cookies and framed pictures, children got stuff from my online shop, so it came to about $7 per kid, with the exception of my favorite niece, who we spent $40 on. I only see my other nieces and nephew once a year at Christmas, so I don't spoil them, they don't even call me Auntie.
6. How will you spend Christmas Day?
Fearful of interruption. Sorry, Christmas and Thanksgiving have become tedious in our family ever since a Home Wrecker entered the picture of my Uncle. We'll be at FIL's house, but if the wench shows up we're leaving.
7. Do you have pets; if yes, do you buy them presents?
Yes, we typically buy our 3 cats stuff to fill their stockings.
8. What will you have for Christmas dinner?
Oh geeze. We have 3 Christmas parties. If anyone anywhere makes it for Christmas dinner, I'll be having it at some point, lol.
9. Do you still believe in Santa?
No, and I don't think I ever have? If I did it was before I can remember, and I can remember being 4 years old.
10. Do you get a stocking?
I usually do...but I just found out Hubs isn't doing a stocking for me this year. Shoot.
11. Have you ever eaten so much chocolate during the holidays that you've groaned, "Please, no more chocolate?"
After 2-3 pieces I don't want anymore.
12. What's your favourite Christmas movie?
Miracle on 34th Street.
13. What's your favourite Christmas song?
Carol of the Bells. LOVE that song! That and Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo
14. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I lived in Colorado for most of my life. White Christmas was pretty much a given. I was THRILLED to spend Christmas in California in 2006. I went swimming....OUTSIDE!!!
15. Do you ever go out carol singing?
Feck THAT! Sorry, but no way Jose. I once made the mistake of volunteering to be in a Parade of Lights. Yeah, never occured to me it'd be FREEZING in that elf costume, walking for miles on end.
16. When you were a kiddie, did you ever try and stay awake to catch Santa?
17. Ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
Um....I think my cousin Alex pecked my cheek once when I was 5 because everyone thought it'd be cute for pictures. I'm sure it was, but I never saw hide nor hair of the pictures.
18. Do you help to decorate the tree?
I'm the only one who decorates our tree. I'm hoping it'll be a family activity next year.
19. Do you put presents under the tree or somewhere else?
Under the tree.
20. What's your fave ever part of Christmas?
Wrapping the presents. I absolutely love wrapping gifts...though this year I haven't been able to do any wrapping what with the budget being so tight and everyone getting cookies. This year my favorite part will be buying the ornaments at the after Christmas sales.

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