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Name: Declan Summers
Age: 51
Type: Human
Personality: Greedy, neglectful, cold. Not a very kind or caring man, though he will pursue those that harm what he considers his, property, son, or concubines.
Bio: Declan is the owner of a club/wh.rehouse in one of the larger cities. He has become very successful, and is very good at keeping track of his money. His club used to be a respectable place in which the half-breeds put on more honest shows, but after the death of his wife, he stopped caring what happened and slowly let the place become what it is now. Now, all he cares for is the money, and lets his idiotic son do whatever he wants.

Name: Emily
Age: 18
Type: half siberian husky dog demon; black fur with white undersides on ears and tail. Ice-blue eyes, pale skin, curly black hair.
Personality: Strong, pushy, loud, volatile, Emily is not a woman to mess with. She usually knows her own mind, and what she wants.
Bio: Emily has a younger brother, Connor, who is smaller, weaker, more emotionally fragile. it is for him she puts up her front of strength, for him she continued to direct abuse at herself. She and her brother, as luck would have it, haven't been separated yet, and she prays they never will be. Emily and Connor, having been raised for concubine positions, are both able to walk upright.

Name: Yuuna
Age: 16
Type: Deer half breed. Long, black hair, golden skin, little puff tail and rounded ears like a white-tailed deer.
Personality: Shy, sweet, a little over-emotional. She is easily frightened.
Bio: Yuuna was raised to be a slave, but when the mines in her homeland gave out -resulting in the deaths of her mom and brother- she was sent away to become a concubine.


Declan paced the auction hall, impatient for the bidding to start; he didn't like crowds, didn't like people, especially didn't like children. He sneered as a little boy bumped into him while running from his older brother. "Watch where you're going, brat," he snarled. The child gasped and ran off, and Declan rolled his eyes.

He was looking for a new voice; Caramel was his dancer, and a good singer, but he wanted a soprano, perhaps, though a new face in general just might help. He just wished the d,mn thing would start so he could leave and so tht his fool of a son would stop flirting so much.


Emily waited in the wings, tied down with Connor. She refused to let go of her brother, cradling him in her lap and stroking his hair. She didn't know what was to become of them, but, as concubines, it would be nothing good.

She both did and didn't want the auction to start; on the one hand, waiting is terrible. On the other... well, they could be separated, they could be sold to somewhere worse than the place they came from... the possibilities were all but endless.


A small girl, the first that would go, trembled alone in a corner. She hid her face, but what could be seen of her skin was golden in color. She was part deer, and her ears were laid down; she didn't want to be seen. She couldn't understand anybody here; she was from a far-off place, and no one had though it important to teach her English. She picked up bits and pieces, but it was hard, so, hard... she just wanted to go home, she just wanted her mother and brother back.

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