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Rules And Information.

There are several different ways that the halfbreeds and demons are enslaved; this section tells in what way, and the rules for each group.

Slaves And Breeders.
Slaves are always halfbreeds and as a general rule, they are put to work down mines, doing heavy manual work and as a result, rarely live longer than their mid twenties. Slaves are allowed to breed, but their offspring are sold at either two years if they are to be pets, or five if they're destined to become concubines. Breeders are always demons, and always female. They are kept continuously pregnant in order for their owners to make money by selling their offspring. Most, like slaves, die early.

Pets And Guards.
Always halfbreeds. Both pets and guards are taken away from their mothers at age two and are immediately trained to walk on all fours. If they attempt to walk upright, they are punished. Eventually, after several years, their muscles fix so that they are now unable to stand up at all. This can be reversed if the halfbreed is gotten at early enough, but once a halfbreed pet or guard has gone thru puberty, it is almost irreversible. Altho they can be given therapy at a later date, it isn't always successful and even if it does work, they will always have a limp. Pets have to be kept on leads on the road, only allowed off in places such as public parks. They have to wear collars at all times, and be kept in at night. Guards have a little more freedom, but not much. Altho they can move outside the place they are guarding, they can't go far. Neither have any rights pertaining to offspring; if they do have children, the owner can sell them on.

Always halfbreeds. Concubines are generally picked out at an early age for this fate; this usually happens cuz a halfbreed is pretty. Both males and females can become concubines. They are not allowed to go anywhere without their owner, and any children they have will be the property of said owner. Their feelings on the matter are irrelevant, as is their own sexuality. The legal age of consent is eighteen for humans, sixteen for halfbreeds. However, the law pertaining to underage halfbreeds is rarely enforced, and a rape stands no chance of getting to the courts unless the halfbreed can call upon a human witness. Some concubines end up in entertainment clubs as dancers and singers; however, the club owner has a perfect right to hire them out.


Name: Mara Naylor.
Age: 28
Type: Human.
Personality: Mara has a tendency to lose her temper, as well as to speak and act without thinking. She also is very stubborn and won't be shifted from her path without a lot of difficulty. She is also kind, a hard worker and stands up for what she believes is right. Mara is tall with a tendency to plumpness and has brown hair and brown eyes.
Bio: Mara was brought up by parents who believed that halfbreeds and demons were on the same level as humans and who passed their beliefs on to their daughter. When she became an adult, Mara started a sanctuary for runaway demons, as well as for illtreated halfbreeds who's owners had been imprisoned for cruelty. She runs it with the help of friends, and has money put in her account by her parents, who believe in the cause. Now, she feels her life is to be devoted to helping the demons and halfbreeds in her care, and also to try and get the laws pertaining to them altered, particularly the concubine laws.

Age: Sixteen.
Type: Halfbreed, with black cat ears and tail, black hair and green eyes.
Personality: Spartina is lazy, very selfish and has a hot temper. She is however very friendly, and gives advice if she feels a person needs it.
Bio: Spartina was sold to her owner at the age of six, and has been with him ever since. Her owner is an auctioneer at the local auction house, but has a very feckless attitude towards his pet. He often has to pay a fine when Spartina lets herself out and roams the streets, but doesn't care. She feels that she gets exactly what she wants out of life, simply by acting like the dumb animal that humans think she is. Her owner sometimes takes her along to where he works, to keep an eye on her.

Age: 20.
Type: Halfbreed. Caramel has medium length pink hair, rabbit ears and tail, and blue eyes.
Personality: Caramel can be spiteful at times, as well as very nasty to anyone who she thinks is getting above themselves. If she doesn't like someone, she makes sure they know it. However, she's loyal to her friends and kind to any of her friends who are ill or unhappy.
Bio: Caramel was trained as a dancer and taught to sing by her first owner, who saw the potential in her as well as the money that she'd make him when he sold her on. She was eventually sold to Declan Summers, who owned a club that put on shows by halfbreeds. At first, she was fine with her life, until Declan fell into depression after the death of his wife and allowed his son to influence him into changing the club for the worse. Now, the dances are more sexy, and the clothes the halfbreeds there have to wear leave little to the imagination. Worse, they are now rented out to clients. Caramel made sure that any client who hired her for the evening would regret it, exercising spite and cleverness in equal ways to ensure that they got what they deserved and it couldn't be traced back to her.
Mara looked at her papers and sighed to herself. She always detested having to do the paperwork for the sanctuary, but unfortunately, it was a necessary evil that had to be done. Money wasn't an issue luckily, with such understanding parents as she had, but there were other things that had to be considered. Such as the fact that she needed to expand her premises, and she wasn't really confident of getting planning permission to build on to the house due to what its purpose was. Mara was sick and tired of dealing with rude officials who, just cuz they disagreed with her views and wanted the status quo to continue, felt they had a right to put obsticles in her way for no good reason. Sighing again, the young woman thought that come what may, she would have to go and see the council. Maybe a friend could come too...


The auction was due to start in half an hour. Several people were already there, from those who simply wished to purchase a halfbreed for their own use, to the dealers, club owners and others who wanted to buy in bulk. Curled up comfortably on a couch round the back, Spartina felt utterly content. Her owner, the auctioneer, was busily sorting out the paperwork pertaining to the various lots on offer today. Spartina, a cat halfbreed, was the pet of the auctioneer and felt that her life was, if not perfect, then at least as good as it could be. She used her status as a pet to do exactly what she liked and go where she wanted to go, safe in the knowledge that it would be her owner who'd be held responsible. It was a good thing that he didn't seem to care about paying out fines. Spartina decided that when the auction started, she'd go and find a place to watch. Who knew what would happen?


Caramel filed her long nails as she read a magazine. All the halfbreed singers and dancers had been given this day off, as Declan and his son Anthony were at the auction to try and buy more halfbreeds for the club. The rabbit halfbreed sniffed at the thought; the poor souls who ended up being bought by those two didn't know what they were getting themselves into. The club had once been a respectable place; now it was getting seedier every day. Caramel remembered when her dances had been sexy but stylish; now, however, they were sleazy and involved as few clothes as possible. She had been trained as a singer as well, but very rarely got the chance to showcase her voice as her owner felt that showing off her body was preferable. She was at this moment prepared for whatever newbies ended up at the club, and to help if necessary. They'd need it.

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