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Default Halfbreeds {Remake} - 12-03-2012, 06:08 PM


1. This RP is open to everyone. If you have any questions, PM me.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you.

Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. Obey the rules of this RP, which are detailed after the plot explanation.

5. Fill out the character form below when you join, plus an intro of at least one large paragraph. The bracketed parts are just instructions so no need to repost.

Name: (The name of your character. Humans would have a surname too, demons and halfbreeds wouldn't.)
Age: (Self explanitory.)
Type: (Halfbreed/Demon/Human. If your character is a demon, state which animal demon they are. For a halfbreed, state which animal their ears and tail come from.)
Personality: (Have no more than three positives and at least three negatives.)
Bio: (Tell us a bit about your character.)


This RP is set in an alternate world, where there are humans and animal demons living. However, now humans despise the animals demons. Tho, the fate of those created from one human and one demon parent, the half-breeds, is worse. Half-breeds aren't welcome anymore. If they are found they are either sold as pets to high-ranking officers, weathly families, and royal families, or they are killed. Humans are the dominant species on this part of Earth. Sometimes, the pets are treated well and may even become the mate to their owners. Other times, they are treated poorly and live up to the title 'pets'.

Humans have all the rights, legal or otherwise. Half-breeds have none, and the status quo is likely to continue with the vast majority of humans supporting it. The few that don't, are seen as odd-balls. As far as the half-breeds are concerned, their voices are ignored and their opinions treated as tho they don't matter at all. Slaves are common, tho the humans don't see them as slaves, more like beasts of burden. Pets are generally treated as fluff, and concubines as mere objects.

The setting is late 1700s, early 1800s in a different world. That means that there are no cars, no computers, no modern technology. People get about by carriages and cabs which are always pulled by horses, and carts that can be pulled by horses, mules or donkeys. People can also ride horses, and use oxen to pull ploughs and other farm equipment. There are also trains in operation, run by steam. However, cuz this is an alternate world, apart from the lack of technology, the people are fairly modern in attitude and dress. Modern films, music etc can be mentioned, but remember that music would be played on a gramophone and films would exist as plays on a theatre stage.

Masters are always human and pets are always half-breeds. No exceptions. Demons are not kept as pets; they either hide themselves away, pretending to be human, or they are kept in captivity to be experimented on or used for breeding. An animal demon would have a full human form and a full animal form; they can pass for human as long as they stay in their human form and keep away from anyone who's an expert at telling them from humans. Half breeds are human shaped, but with the ears and tail of whichever animal their demon parent is a demon of. That includes reptiles as well as mammals.

The world needs to change. The halfbreeds have remained voiceless for a long time, but soon will get the chance to speak. The humans will not be able to ignore them for much longer. Humans are all equal, yet see nothing wrong with the way they treat the halfbreeds, all but a few who are determined to change the way things are. There are sanctuaries run by humans who believe this, there are a few enlightened owners. There are also those in the demon camp who do not wish for this state of affairs to continue for much longer. A small group of rebel demons live in secrecy in the middle of the city. They come from all walks of life; from demons who's families were killed and who banded together for safety, to runaway breeders and lab experiments who needed someplace to go. The time is ripe for change. But, what will that change be?

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