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For some reason when I copy and pasted my story some spaces got deleted.
I tried to to fix all I could find, but I'm not positive I got all of them, sorry in advance!

Like all good stories we'll start with "Once upon a time," there was a young and beautiful maiden named Celestia. She had long gorgeously curly auburn hair, was tall, thin, and beautiful. Oh and of course, there was magic,there had always been magic. Celestia grew up quite the spoiled little witch.With attributes like hers it was impossible otherwise. It seemed as if the magic and beauty of the celestial universe was all contained within this divine little girl and her parents always treated her as such. But of course, as theyears went on they grew weary.

Instead of their beautifully talented baby growing into her splendor she grew beyond that which anyone would consider normal, and her parents feared that amount of power would get her in trouble someday so they took precautions into their own hands, going into the deepest most enchanted forest and planting a strand of their daughters hair near a waterfall that seemed to hum a nightmare, and by doing so grounding her power into earthly limits. As theyleft they thought "How perfect". No one in their right mind would wander deep enough into an enchanted forest, near here, endure this horrifying symphony and think to pluck this beautiful rose. But then, who is ever actually in their right mind all of the time?

As fate would have it, years later, a poor gardener fell hopelessly in love with the beautiful Celestia. He worshipped her, but he was nothing to Celestia,covered in filth and earth. Try as he might to woo her, she simply refused to pay him any attention at all. Her heart was set on a Prince, of course, but as beautiful and powerful as she was, the Prince's mother protected his heart, kingdom, and pocketbook, long ago with an enchanted arranged marriage.

Celestia knew that there was more to her prowess than her bodily limits were letting on, but she could not seem to break past her earthly barriers to possess the power of forcing her Prince to love her and break off his arranged marriage. She grew enraged. All these years she was steadily more beautiful, more powerful, and for it to all of a sudden stop seemed unrealistic. She whined to her parents who brushed it off, telling her to stop worrying about it, than no one was as beautiful or as powerful as her anyway. That there was no need for her to gain more power.

And so Celestia sulked away into her room, crying her stunning eyes out, and throwing one heck of a conniption for all the towns folk to endure. As the days went on, the gardener's heart broke for his dearest Celestia, but he didn'tknow what he could do for her. And yet, he thought, and yet there was something, something strange about the way her parents worded their words."No need for her to gain more power"? What did they mean "No need"? Obsession took over the young gardener as he took to shadowing Celestia's parents. What if he could find a way to get Celestia to favor him?What if it was he who gave her exactly as she craved? Of course he had no idea why Celestia wanted more of anything, to him she was perfect as is, but if she wanted more he wanted to do anything he could to give it to her.

One morning as he snuck past Celestia's bedroom window, still blasting with agony filled cries, he happened across her parents in a conversation with the town Hag.

"Halloween is upon us dearies, if yer daughter can keep this up fer a few hours more the children will be frought with fear of the wailin' of the night"

"Oh she'll get over it eventually. She needs ta learn that there's more to life than power and beauty."

"Indeed" said the Hag "Just let 'er walk a day, an hour, a minute in meh shoes! What's got 'er so upset, anyway hmmm?"


"Love, you say?" and the little old Hag eyed the gardener in the bushes and hid a smile. "Well if I were ever so devastated with the paino' love, surely some youngin' strappin' man would bring meh a flower ortew."

gulp "A, a flower?"

The Hag paid no attention to the obvious squirm her petty scheming gave Celestia's parents continuing on trying only to hint to the young gardener.

"Yeh, a flower dearies. A flower of true beauty and danger to prove hislove for the lass'. That, at least would make meh happy. Happy enough tah kiss em!"

"Danger? There's no need for flowers or danger!" The parents were steadily getting needlessly more and more paranoid with the Hag, however, it was not the Hag they should have been worrying about, she was paying them no attention, sneaking peaks at whether or not her little love scheme had worked.

The Gardener was watching the parents with intensity though. What had them so worried about a flower? And moreover, danger? What could be so dangerous about a flower?

It just didn’t make any sense! He was a gardener! There’s nothing dangerous about flowers! A thorn or two here and there, but no danger! Days he had been watching them and he finally found a hint, a clue, anything to help him solve his dilemma but still he was no closer to gaining Celestia’s love!

What did it matter?! She was never going to love him! A Gardener! What was the point of living if he couldn’t have what he wanted anyway?! There wasn’t, he was poor and had nothing to live for, so he ran.

Deep into the darkest forest he ran. As the night grew darker he slowed down. Eerie. He’d never seen trees move like that, or creatures watch him so. The moon itself was also bizarre in a large fullness glowing abnormally bright.A high howl in the night and a cackle in the wind struck him so. Halloween night! And here he was in the deepest most enchanted forest he’d ever seen! What was that noise?

He followed it to a stream that seemed to carry it in it’s currents. It was a sad desperate and sorrowful song. It made his heart ache and think of Celestia. And then he saw it. The most beautiful rose he’d ever seen! A deep auburn color caressed in thorns and curly leaves. How odd? It was as if this rose was signing the sorrowful tune. A rose this beautiful should not be sad, or so alone, and certainly not in a forest as strange and dangerous as this. He plucked it and stowed it away to keep to himself. A beauty to match that of the Celestia he could never have. And as it plucked free the tune changed. Shivers ran down his back as the sorrow turned to horror. What magic is this?! The river turned bloody, the waterfall splashed crimson all around it. Covered in blood he ran to his love. Something wasn’t right.

Miles away Celestia abruptly stopped her petty wailing. Power surged through her at an unsafe pace. Her hair, already long, flowed longer and swept into the howl filled wind. She rose off the ground and her power swirled all around her. As she took it all in she tried in desperation to break her limits to finally force true love, a feat no witch had ever fulfilled. But it was too much! Her parents broke into a run as their daughter’s screech broke through the night. Before they could reach her it was too late. The dead silence that followed was thickened by the magic in the air. As they came upon their daughter, lifeless on the ground they wept. Soon running steps were heard and the Gardener appeared, flower in hand. The parents eyed him with astonishment and fury, but could find no words. The Gardener felt as if he’d hit a stone wall. As he dropped to his knees the flower fell onto Celestia’s bosom and her eyes shot open, bloody red.

From that Halloween on, horrible wailing haunted the town as Celestia longed for the life she should have appreciated when she had it, because unfortunately, not all good stories have happy endings. Have a Happy Halloween.

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