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Callisto sneered at the abundance of bodies filled to the brim with various drugs and cocktails. She both hated and loved Halloween.

It was perfect for her kind to mingle with the food, but unfortunately this was a day that the excess of humankind went to extremes that just wasn't seen most days.

"Hey pretty lady!" Drawled a drunken frat boy. He apparently thought a hat and boots made him a cowboy. "Let's dance."

Callisto's eyes widened as the drunkard, instead of pulling her to the dance floor, almost pulled them both on the floor.

"Idiot." She mumbled as she shook the cowboy off. He landed on the floor and looked up at her bewildered, as his friends laughed uproariously.

Callisto turned and proceeded into the kitchen, hoping the cool breeze from that direction was an open door. Upon entering the kitchen she did find the door open and currently coming in were a group of giggling and screaming scantly clad girls being chased by frat-Dracula. She watched as the spectacle ran into the next room then turned back to the door, hoping to make a quick escape. But the most interesting thing that she had seen all night had just entered the house. The young man was perfect. She could tell just from scenting the slight breeze that came in with him, that he hadn't been partying at all.

"Um, he...hello."

"Hello." Callisto purred in response.

"Um, I'm looking for Travis and Eric." The young man said after an audible gulp.

"Oh," Callisto smiled "And who might you be?"


"Well Lucas," Callisto said, sauntering up to him, "I believe they are around back. I'll show you."

Callisto laced Lucas' fingers with her own and pulled him out the kitchen door and around to the darkened back of the house.

"Where..." Lucas began but Callisto interrupted him by roughly pushing him against the house.

"You smell divine." She purred, sniffing his neck.

"Wh...what are you?" Lucas shivered.

"Just close your eyes." Callisto whispered.


Callisto sighed as she licked the blood off of her fingers. The boy's blood had been ambrosia. It had been like sunshine and she found that she had been unable to drain the boy. So she had left him back by the kitchen door after healing the marks on his neck.

Now she sat on the mountain overlooking the college campus, watching to make sure nothing would happen to her lovely boy. She would definitely be coming back for him.


So there's my story. Not very good, but I was inspired. ^^

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