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"Of course not," Bishop replied, looking angry. "That's what I came here to find out. There's nothing in the archives about who started it; everyone seems to assume it just came out of thin air. But I know different, and so does Forge. He's studied it, and it's man made, not natural."

Jean was about to comment, when suddenly her face crumpled, she let out a gasp and fell to the floor. Jean's psychic powers had sharpened since her contact with the Phoenix, and she was now experiencing a glance into the future. There was nothing she could do but watch the scene unfolding and wait til it was over...

A full team had been sent to a nearby mansion house. Every single X-men who could be spared was there, and so was Bishop. The mansion seemed quiet and innocent from the outside, yet there was something there which made the hair stand up on end.

Scott turned to Jean. "See if you can locate Creed in the mansion," he asked. Jean put her hands to her head and began a psychic scan.

"Not in the mansion," she murmured. "But beneath it. There's a secret labratory there, and that's where Creed is. But there's something else there, something with incredible power..."

A blast of psychic power hit Jean and she screamed. Scott ran to her immediately, taking her into his arms. "Jean!"

"We must go there, before it's too late," Jean said, in a fearful tone of voice. Scott nodded, before tapping his visor and saying to the others, "Stand back."

Scott directed his energy beams down into the ground, carving out a tunnel to the secret lab. Soon they were blasting thru the wall. Creed stood next to a stranger; the mutant hater was obviously infected with the virus. "I need help," he was saying to the stranger. "I can't be infected now or it'll be too late to direct the votes..."

At this moment, the X-men entered. "The game's up, Creed," Scott said. "We've come to put an end to your virus."

"You led the X-men here!" the stranger exclaimed angrily to Creed. "You deserve to suffer." The man changed, becoming taller and wider, eventually becoming... Apocalypse! Creed said, unbelievingly, "A mutant!" before collapsing into a heap.

"I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you," Apocalypse said. "I am eternal and can never be defeated." He sent blasts of purple lasers towards the team, they scattered. Rogue tried to attack Apocalypse with a steel beam; he crushed it and her against the ceiling, and she fell unconscious. Wolverine and Laura ran towards him, claws bared; they were blasted and fell back, Paul only just managing to save Laura from falling against a giant vial which obviously contained the virus in liquid form. Bishop threw a grenade at the vial, shattering the glass and destroying the liquid.

"My beautiful virus," Apocalypse roared. "The mutant filth have destroyed everything! Now, see this, X-men!" He clenched his fists, sending a terrible blast of energy towards the X-men. They were all instantly vapourised, leaving nothing but ashes.

Jean came round with a scream of horror. She made no effort to get up, but lay there shaking on the floor.

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