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Name: Rochelle Koori the Echdina (Or in the doll's case, human)
Age: 16
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

"I don't want you going alone!," said the red echidna, Knuckles, to his adoring girlfriend.
Rochelle replied," For the last time don't worry! Before I met you I did lots of treasure hunts by myself."

Rochelle thinks back to those long, hard days. When she was younger her town was in dispare. She ventured out to train with the top martial artists in the coldest part of Mobius. She learned how to be stealthy and how to harness the power of ice. While she was about to finish her training, Rochelle heard of hidden treasures and went to find them. She returned home and rebuilt her city. Rochelle is now treated as a loving hero.

"I'm sure one hunt without you won't hurt," exclaimed Rochelle.
Knuckles said,"Nope. Ain't gonna happen."
"Look you need to stay here and guard the Master Emerald. And I promise if anything bad happens, I will call you," replied Rochelle.
Knuckles thought about this. She's not to far off so he could be at her side in no time.
"Well....," Knuckles said slowly.
Rochelle gave him the best "puppy dog" look she could muster.
"I guess you can go. But you have to promise to call me as soon as you get there!" said Knuckles.
Rochelle hugged Knuckles. "You're really sweet, you know that."

Rochelle set out and in no time she made it to her destination. A giant pyramid loomed over her. Rochelle remembered what her boyfriend said and pulled out her communicator.
"Hey Knux, it's Rochelle. I've made it to the pyramid."
She waited a few minutes without a reply.
"Strange...perhaps he's just busy."

She strolled inside casually like any other day. She found a torch and lit it with a match she had. As she was walking along, a familar unpleasant voice stopped her in her tracks.
"Hmpf, look who have here."
A white bat, in a skin tight suit flew down from the ceiling.
"Rouge," replied Rochelle with a sneer,"What are you doing here?"
"Probably the same reason as you," said Rouge. "Except I'm the one going to be taking home the treasure!"
Rochelle said," Don't bet on it."

Rouge and Rochelle began racing down the long hallways, dodging bo.oby traps and whatever came in their way. They turned around a corner and there it was. The treasure sat in idle, waiting to be held.
Rochelle ran towards it, but Rouge flew in front of her and snatched it up.
"Hey!," yelled Rochelle.
"Ha! Too slow!," Rouge said as she began running back towards the entrance.
Rochelle chased after her, using her ice powers as an attempt to freeze her. But since it was so hot in the pyramid, the ice melted long before it could reach Rouge. They were getting near the entrance. Rochelle had to stop Rouge and get that treausure!

Rouge looked behind while she was running and said, "Looks like I'm the one taking home the treasure. And who knows! Maybe Knuckles will be so impressed, that he'll just have to leave you for me! HAHAHA---wow!"
All of a sudden Rouge stepped on a bo.oby trap and her feet shot up in the air. She was entangled by her feet by some rope and was hanging upside down.
Rochelle walked up to her and took the treasure.
"Hey give that back!," whined Rouge.
"You know Rouge, you may have the treasure for a little while, but I will be the one who always ends up with it," said Rochelle as she walked out of the pyramid.
"You're a bat! You should be used to hanging upside down. Get yourself out!," replied Rochelle.

Rochelle headed home to prove to her boyfriend that she did just fine without him. Before she headed to Angel Island she decided to call him up on her communicator. But it still wasn't working quite right. Rochelle got worried and quickened her pace. She finally made it, and ran up the long stairs where the Master Emerald resides. When she reached the top, a red echidna looked up at her from sitting on the ground.
"Rochelle!," exclaimed Knuckles as he started to stand up.
"Knux!," yelled Rochelle. She ran up and tackled him back onto the ground.
Rochelle said," I did it! I got the treasure!"
"Haha good!," said Knuckles.
They both stood up and hugged each other again. But Knuckles pulled away quickly.

"Hey how come you didn't call me?," said the stern Knuckles.
Rochelle replied," I did! Or at least I tried. My commincator wouldn't work."
Knuckles stared her down, to see if you was telling the the truth. He realized she was.
Knuckles said," Maybe we can have Tails check it out."
"Sounds good, but not right now. I'm starving! Let's go eat," exclaimed Rochelle.
"I am a little hungry myself," said Knuckles as he pulled out a portal ring.

He sat the ring on the ground and it enlarged big enough for them to go through.
"So did you have any problems?," asked Knuckles.
Rochelle was stepping towards the portal. "Well I did have a little run in with Rouge, but I'll tell you that later!"
"Wait what happened with Rouge?!," said Knuckles. But Rochelle was already on the other side. So he hopped through to disover what his girlfriend had to say and enjoy a nice dinner with her.

The End...
Base (c) +Mona's+ by ~LILYtam on deviantART
Also the name Koori is Japanese for ice! Just thought I'd throw that out there.
I know the contest was on hold due to lack of participation, but hopefully this will spark some motivation!

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