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Default 09-07-2012, 11:04 PM

Base by Bunnystick - Art, Pixels, and Badassery

I think I'm addicted to nonshading guys.

Anyway, this is Enkidu, sadfacing for y'all. ALSO OH MY GOD HER HURRRRRRRR

I didn't want to pixel it. DX I got her scalp done and thought 'ok that's cute' then I realized wait, I JUST MADE A TROLL WITH COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF HURRRRRRRRRR

it was.... HUUUURRRRR.

Ok that's enough for now, silly Wolfie, you're tired and nobody will understand you. ._.

Anyway, this is probably after either her matesprit leaves after they meet for the first time, or after her matesprit dies the first time in a non!AU!Canon! ... a... there was a noncanon fic of an AU game ok. XD I came up with a nonclone descendant of Karkat Vantas, a Cancer, who was Moirail's/MildKismesis with Sollux Captor. We're still not sure. There was a lot of hate/pity going on there. Anyway, this descendant's name was Tongat Tuvata, named after the Japanese prefectures having to do with the astrological sign for Cancer. Whereas her ancestor, the Knight of Blood, was always angry-seeming and irate, the Mage of Blood was in contrast was very calm and pacifying - never patronizingly.


<3: Matespritship, red romance. Love/pity.
<3<: Kismesis, black romance. Hate/pity.
c3<: Auspicitice, ashen quadrant. what keeps everybody else happy. Three people involved: Two grievers, and the auspiciticer. I think.
<>: Moirallegiance, pale quadrant. Basically two best friends who know everything about each other and can cool each other down.

So, in short: Enkidu<3Tongat, originally starting as Enkidu<3<Tongat.

Tongat dies once.

... Homestuck, why you so complicated.

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