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Rose was just done for the day, fed up with putting up with teachers treating her like a child. How did they expect her to be a successful neurologist when they didn't think her capable of basic chemistry? So she was a little young…

As she walked the impeccably paved streets, where not a single bit of mud or litter was to be seen, she passed the small building infamous for housing that Unification club. Many she knew referred to it jokingly as "oofoo", called its members the "oo-fools" or perhaps an "ufu-dufus". In the past, she'd turned her nose up at it, like most people her age, but lately she'd adopted an apathetic attitude toward it.

Now, however, curiosity suddenly struck her; what would a meeting be like? Would they be spouting nonsense about equality for creatures that were barely human? Or would there be, perhaps, a voice or two of reason? Doubting it was the case she decided to check it out; after all, it was hardly as if doing so could harm her, as the UFU members seemed to be primarily pacifist.

So, she crossed her dark, near-black-brown arms, tossed her head of short ringlets, and headed for the building, her light blue dress swaying softly in a light breeze and accenting her surplus curves.


Adam laid out in the sun, enjoying the warming sensation of one of the rare nicer days. He played softly with his bright yellow curls that reached past his ears, and smiled slightly to himself. His eyes were exceedingly large and round, giving him a permanently childish appearance. The irises changed every couple days or so, and today they were sky-blue with star-like pupils. Sometimes the changing hurt, too, but he'd long since gotten used to it.

The rest of his body, however, didn't seem to have faired so well with the mutations in his family; for example, he had no hands at all, just worthless stumps on arms so thin they made even some Irregs cringe. His skin was mostly tan, but there were a few spots -one on each arm near the elbows, two on he left leg, one on the right, one over his heart- that were pale as death.

His legs were a little bowed, but otherwise just fine. His big toes, however, had a space away from the rest of the toes just about large enough to make them opposable. He of course used them like hands, and very well; Adam was a musician. He played anything he could get his feet around, be it flutes he made himself from reeds, bins he used for percussion- just anything.

This day, he was reclining out by the lake, but he left the other boy alone; he had no idea if this other boy was even his age. Heck, he himself didn't know his own age; he had no parents, just a sister. His sister was a talented hunter. They always took care of each otter, no matter what.

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