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Default Continued cuz of character limit. - 08-26-2012, 11:23 AM

Rules of the worlds.


Utopia, or the domes, is a place of great technological advancement with much of what science fiction books and movies predicted for the future. There are robots to do the work, so the residents enjoy a better standard of living than most people today. Education is better, and disease, poverty, unemployment etc have been almost completely erradicated. The children are brought up to believe that they, as Regulars, are the superior race to the Irregulars living accross the ocean, and taught that there is no need for them to ever visit the other continent. A tube system along with hover cars run provides transport; these, along with the robots, are mostly run on nuclear and solar energy. The nuclear power plant is contained in a dome of its own in order to minimise pollution, and the walls of the dome have invisible solar panels. Due to a weather system created by the advanced technology, the sky inside the domes is the normal blue, and rainfall, snowfall and other essential weather can be accurately predicted to the minute. There are vast areas of land kept solely for food manufacture. Most Utopians live out their entire lives not ever having set foot outside the domes.

Irregular Continent.

Compared to Utopia, this continent is a wasteland. Food can be grown, and animals can be trapped, but the contamination in both would make any Regular who ate it extremely sick. The Irregulars have pride in themselves, and are resentful of the way they are treated by the Regulars. The sky is yellow from past pollution and many lakes are polluted. The water causes mutations in Regular humans, but just as with the food, the Irregulars are immune to its effects. Transport is either on foot, on bicycle or by using beasts of burden. The people of this continent generally gather together in small communities, altho small groups live in the ghost cities. As for the cities, think Pripyat. The buildings are either half pulled down, or with smashed windows and litter accross the floors. Wild animals also dwell in the cities, so most people prefer to live in the village communities which are friendlier by far. Irregulars tend not to bother with surnames.


For Sanura Grey, it was a normal day in Utopia for her. Sanura lived and worked in the main city of the dome world Utopia; it was named Paradise, which Sanura often felt was a bit pretentious. Still, it was home. Sanura was fairly tall, with a plumpish figure, grey eyes and bobbed black hair. It always seemed to be messy, which she hated. She worked in the weather control centre, working out which areas of the dome world needed rain, and which ones could be given sunshine. All this information was fed into the mainframe computer, so that the correct type of weather could be distributed to the correct part of Utopia.

Still, Sanura couldn't help but feel somewhat discontented with life. She belonged to a group of Utopians that was called Utopians For Unification, or Ufu for short; their aim was to bring the Irregulars and Utopians together in peace. Most of the city dwellers thought they were nuts; still, Sanura felt that it was the right thing to do. She was currently on her way to a meeting, where an important announcement was to be made; Sanura wondered exactly what it could be.


Justin tended not to worry about the future at all; to his mind, it was a pointless exercise which would achieve precisely nothing. Justin had lived in the settlement where he'd been born; it was a small collection of houses surrounding a lake which had bright blue water in it, and was filled with water that would poison any Regular, but in which the Irregulars regularly swam. Justin, like everyone else in the settlement, was mutated; the mutations were partly passed down thru families, and partly as a result of the world in which they lived. No-one really cared too much, tho.

The boy sat at the edge of the lake and dipped his toes in the water. Justin was of average height, fairly thin, and with dark blue hair and eyes. He also had a black dog's tail and black ears, one of which stood up, the other flopped down. His feet resembled dog's feet, but his hands were fairly normal-ish. He splashed the water with his feet, and thought vaguely that he ought to be doing something useful, but felt too lazy to actually go and do something. The sun shone warmly from the bright yellow sky, and it wasn't really a day for action.

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