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Default Summer beauty disasters and how to avoid them - 08-09-2012, 08:15 AM

This is a list of common problems connected with summer, and how to avoid them happening to you.

1. Melting Makeup.
The summer sun can melt your makeup right off your face. Make sure you use the right products; don't use anything oil based. Minimise your makeup; just stick with a powder base, mascara and tinted lip balm. If you use eyeshadow, use a powder one rather than a cream one and don't be too heavy handed. If you're going to be swimming, it's best not to wear makeup anyway as even waterproof makeup can smudge after being splashed.

2. Orange Hands And Streaked Legs.
One problem with applying a fake tan is that you can end up with orange hands, elbows and knees, and streaked legs and arms. Wear gloves whenever you apply your fake tan to avoid orange palms, and always exfoliate and moisturise before you apply it. Also, don't be heavyhanded with the fake tan; apply a light coat for a sunkissed as opposed to orange look. Oh yeah, and don't be heavy handed with the blusher, either; and always blend it so you don't end up with a tanned face and white neck.

3. Nasty Feet.
Ideally, you should always take care of your feet all year round. However, if you've neglected your feet over the winter, you can sort them out for sandal season by giving them a going over with a pumice stone or foot buffer, and then moisturising up to the ankles. To deal with really dry feet, cover in foot moisturiser, then put on a pair of socks and go to bed. Overnight, your feet will absorb all the moisturiser and be soft in the morning. Make sure you cut your toenails properly; straight accross, and soften with an emery board, or you might get an ingrowing toenail.

4. Split Ends And Bad Hair Days.
Sun, chlorine and sea water can be devastating to your hair. Always make sure that you get your hair trimmed regularly, like every six weeks, to fix split ends. To prevent them, wash your hair with a shampoo suited to your hair type, and always use conditioner. You can rub hair serum into the ends of your hair if they're feeling dry, just don't use too much or your hair will feel greasy. Wear a hat if you're out in the sun, and wash your hair right after swimming.

5. Sunburn And Flaky Legs.
If you go out in the sun, always wear sunscreen. Factor 30 is best if you're pale skinned and don't tan, but burn. Reapply it every hour or so, especially if you just got out the water, and always rub it in. If you notice your legs are getting a bit flaky, then use a body scrub all over, and moisturise. Skin on your body will get dry if you're constantly out in the sun, so as well as making sure you're protected from sunburn, you will have to moisturise more often to avoid flaky shins and dry calves.

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