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Name: Princess Aquamarine Oceana Nehire of Marina
Age: 14
Fandom: The Little Mermaid

Drabble: Princess Aquamarine and her lovely friend, Princess Ariel, had just arrived in Aquamarine's wonderful home of Marina. From a distance you could see the two enchanting mermaids come swimming towards the city of Marina at incredible speeds.

"Oh, I almost got you Aquamarine!," said Ariel attempting to beat her dear friend at this race. Aquamarine, being one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean, was tearing straight ahead. She realized that even though Ariel may be fast, there would be no way that she could beat her. Aquamarine, being kind, slowed down just enough for Ariel to beat her, but to not make it noticeable.
"Did I really just beat you in a race?," asked the astonished mermaid Ariel.
"Well I believe you might have," said Aquamarine smiling.

As these two beautiful mermaids were discussing the outcomes of their race, there was a large commotion coming from the large statue of Princess Aquamarine and her brother Liam, near the center of Marina. The statue was made in honor of the wonderful princess, but she refused it's construction unless her brother was to accompany her.

Aquamarine heard the noise and decided to see what was going on. Aquamarine and Ariel swam towards it, as the noise became louder the closer they got.
"I wonder what it could be?," said Ariel.
"I don't know. I hope it's nothing bad," replied the worried Aquamarine.

Aquamarine was first to see the crowd of mer-people surrounding the deformed statue. What used to be carved of pure pearl and laced with precious jewels and the purest gold, was now a piece of trash. It now was covered in rotten seawe.ed and it appears that Aquamarine's perfectly smooth faced now bore a painted mustache. Aquamarine's tail seemed to turn red from embarrassment. She gaped in horror. Who could have done such a hateful thing to someone as friendly as Princess Aquamarine?

Ariel swam up beside her and put an arm over her shoulder in a comforting way. Aquamarine could feel her face getting hot.
Angrily Ariel stated, "Who did this?"
Nearby mer-people pointed in the direction of a dark mermaid. Aquamarine looked and knew right away who it was.

Ever since Aquamarine was young, she has gotten along with every mer-person around. Except for one mermaid. Her name is Su-Mara. Aquamarine has tried to be friends with her, but Su-Mara refuses to have anything to do with her and constantly tries to bring her down. Aquamarine's friends have told her that Su-Mara has always been jealous of her looks and talents. She just can't take it that Aquamarine is so perfect.

Ariel quickly swam up to Su-Mara and pinned her down.
"What the shell is your problem!," shouted Ariel, "She didn't do anything to you!"
Su-Mara simply sneered and replied with, "Seriously. She get's anything she wants in her perfect little world. Maybe she needs a change for once in her life."
Ariel's fist rose in the air and was about to come down on Su-Mara's evil grin, but Aquamarine stopped her.
"Don't do it Ariel," Aquamarine said as she pulled Ariel off of Su-Mara.

A horn blasted nearby and Aquamarine realized that her father, King Octavius, had arrived at the scene. She watched his gaze as he looked to the once extravagant statue. His face began to contort and his eyes were filled with rage. He first saw Aquamarine and her saddened expression. Then he saw the black mermaid trying to hide herself from him.

"YOU DID THIS! You ruined this masterpiece hat took ages to make!," shouted King Octavius.
"I...I..," replied the now scared Su-Mara.
"You continually hurt my daughter and you ignnore her kindness! I hereby banish you from Marina!" yelled the angry king.
"What! you can't! Please! I have no other place to go!,"cried Su-Mara as she started to sob.

"Father, don't you think that punishment is a little too harsh?" said Aquamarine.
"Absolutely not! You heard what I said Aquamarine! She has been mean to since you were a child," replied King Octavius.
"Yes father but...," said Aquamarine as she stole a quick glance at the broken Su-Mara," But I forgive her."

Su-Mara looked up stunned,"What?"
"I forgive you Su-Mara. For all the things you have done to me," said the sweet princess.
Su-Mara looked down in deep thought. She thought about all those time she hurt Aquamarine, just because....well she didn't know. She couldn't think of any reason why Aquamarine deserved this harsh behavior from her. And all Aquamarine did was respond with kindness and compassion.

"Aquamarine? I've been thinking and I now realize that I have been such a jerk. I am very sorry for everything," replied the sincere Su-Mara.
"Thank you Su-Mara!," squealed Aquamarine as she swam over to hug her.
"So father, now that Su-Mara is sorry can she not be banished?," asked Aquamarine.

King Octavius started to think.
Su-Mara said," To show my apologies I could start by cleaning the statue."
King Octavius looked at Aquamarine and her dear smile. He couldn't resist his loving daughter.
"Well alright then!," said the now happy king.

Everyone cheered and Su-Mara got straight to work. Soon Aquamarine and Su-Mara really got to know each other and became friends. At first Ariel wasn't crazy about this, but Aquamarine ended up convincing her to give it a try. And now they are all best friends!

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Other Items (c) My own personal maker
(Also I had to put a period in seawe.ed because apparently I can't type it normally without the little stars ****popping up.)

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