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The Imperial Ballroom inside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. This AAA Four Diamond luxury hotel hosts conventions, meetings and special events, and home eleven restaurants and lounges in West Michigan

Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones
Age: 14
Fandom: Hetalia
Drabble: It was winter. The time had come for Austria’s annual winter masquerade ball. It was actually just for nations, but he’d invited Texas to join them as well for it. So, there she was, her red hair cascading down, just over her shoulders in light, perfect curls. Her father on one side and England on the other. Both were telling her how stunning and gorgeous she was in the long, puffy dress with her large chest covered just enough to make others curious about it. She smiled kindly and excused herself, heading off to talk with others.

That was when she first saw her. Lili, or Liechtenstein, was clinging to her brother’s arm. Her dress was an ugly one, it would look ugly on anyone, except her, due to her beauty. The dress was a hideous shade of olive and the bow around her waist was an ghastly shade of maroon. She was innocent looking, but Texas could immediately see that she was pure evil. Her brother, she knew was Switzerland, though, was handsome, with his green eyes that shown like emeralds and his hair looking like newly ripened wheat. It was no wonder Lili was so obviously in love with him. He was handsome. He was the only one handsome enough to be worthy of her beauty and love.

Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones smiled, sowing her perfectly straight white teeth at him, blinking innocently, “Hello there, sir. Would you honor me with a dance?” She smiled kindly at him. He instantly fell in love the moment he looked into her beautiful pale blue eyes. For a moment, the just gaze into each others eyes. Then Liechtenstein glares, tugging her brother’s arm.

“Big brother promised to dance with me though!” She said, stomping her foot, like the spoiled brat she was and glaring at Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones.

Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones frowned, looking hurt, but she smiled. “Oh, I see. I am terribly sorry.” She apologized kindly, not wanting to get on her bad side anymore. She hated when people were jealous of her. She could tell Switzerland was watching her. He shook of Lili, offering his hand instead to the state.

“Excuse my sister’s behavior. I’d be honored to dance with you.” He smiled. She took his hand and they danced, smiling happily. He dress twirled and swirled around her and she laughed softly as they talked. She knew Lili was watching with jealousy as they danced happily, and she felt bad for the girl. Her delicate, kind heart ached, though she knew the other was merely jealous.

Finally, when the night was winding down, he pulled her out on the balcony. Switzerland held her hands and pulled her close, kissing her gently. “I love you, Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones. And I know we haven’t known each other long, but will you date me?” He asked, obviously nervous by the way he was blushing. She kissed back in reply, but gasped and Lili shoved her away, nearly making her fall over the rail, had it not been for him saving her at the last minute.

Switzerland was furious, while Lili looked smug. Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones was hurt. Suddenly Liechtenstein frowned, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you…I just don’t want to give up my big brother…” He apologized, sniffling softly. Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones smiled, hugging the once enemy, turned friend, close.

“I can understand that. But, can you not try to kill me?” She laughed softly. Lili nodded, smiling. “From now on, you can call me big sister, okay?” She said.

“Okay!” And from that day, they were best friends.

image: from google
edit: by me

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