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Cecy smiled at him, then left; she wanted to talk to Taka and Laika about teaching him, and, later, Phel... or, well, she'd talk to whomever she ran into first.

As fate would have it, Taka ran into Cecy in the literal, knocking the strawberry-blonde into the dirt and then falling on top of her. "Oh, so sorry!" Taka said before hopping up. She offered a hand to Cecy, and Cecy took it.

Cecy eyed Taka's unrestrained hair, thought of her own braids and then began to undo her braids; she wasn't training today, and if Taka could go around with her messy mane than Cecy could let her curls run wild. "No problem, Takaia. I was looking for you anyway."

"You were? Well, how- uh- coincidental?" The white-blonde girl chewed her lip as she searched for a better word. "Oh, never mind, I give up! Anyways, whatcha need?"

"I need advice," Cecy said. "I was talking to the newcomer, Victor."

"The guy with the pretty white stripe on his hair?" Taka asked.

"Yeah, that one; he's a magpie," Cecy nodded. "Well, he's all down because he feels useless, even though he was actually included in some sort of prophecy from the gods.

"I told him how, when I came here, I knew probably less than he does, and told him about how you guys took me in and started training me and stuff. So he told me that his will to fight was literally beaten out of him; to survive, he had to learn how to kill that instinct of self-defense because he- well, he sold himself." At Taka's blank look, Cecy sighed. "Sold his body to be usedů for sex."

Taka gasped. "But- but that act is sacred, it's not just some commodity to- to be sold at the market!"

"I know. But that's what he did, he had no choice," Cecy said with a wince. "So I told him there are other skills he could learn, though I was low on examples because I only just started learning these things myself. He complained that if he doesn't learn to fight he'll still feel useless, thrust aside to watch after children and the like- are you laughing?" the princess gasped.

Taka had a cute giggle. "You're not getting it, silly!"

"Getting what?" It was the princess' turn to look blank.

"He doesn't want to be thought weak or girly, but he was too nice to say that to you because you are a girl," the smaller girl explained. "See, there's a difference between being effeminate or masculine and actually possessing the -uh- parts to be male or female; there are 'girly' and 'manly' things, right? Um- um- example! Example: that red-haired guy related to Kio chooses to be a little effeminate; he raised a daughter and sort of became her mom, from what I heard, chooses to heal, chooses to let the raven-guy sorta lead that relationship. Does that make him less of a man? No. Nothing wrong with choosing that life.

"What Victor was saying is that he feels forced into that effeminate role when he doesn't want to be; he doesn't necessarily want to be a 'manly' man, but he doesn't want to be stuck with the 'weaker' roles, either. He wants to show he can be strong, prove he can be worth something, but he doesn't know how," She finished.

"Wow. How did you learn about all this?" Cecilia asked, impressed.

"I sorta have three parents; my daddy, my mama, and the man my daddy is dating. Yes, I said man; his name is Kayden, and he's a rescued cat. Apparently he's Aza's lost father, which explains a lotů but, anyways, he has his femme moments and stuff, and when I asked him why he sometimes acts 'girly' and then other times did 'manly' things, he sat me down and told me how people don't have to be defined by what body they have if they don't want," Takaia beamed. "I miss him, with his rounded ears and tufted lion's tail-"

"Lion? What, no, he can't be a lion," laughed Cecy awkwardly.

Taka scowled a little, but she wasn't offended. "He can too, I'm not dumb."

"But- but only royals are lions," Cecy stated weakly as she finally let her hair loose. It instantly puffed out and just about consumed her face, a wild mess of curls that looked like a cumulous cloud but for the red-gold color.

"I never asked him about that; he always seems uncomfortable about it. I figure if he wants to keep it a secret then that's okay,," Taka shrugged.

Cecy, meanwhile, just looked severely shaken up.

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