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Scores -
Profile: 8/10. Doll: 9/10.

Profile Critique.

A perfect example of the Sue species known to all as a "B*tchiwitch". Over the top bio, with the obligitory tragic past; ridiculous amount of power, and of course, a stupidly long flowery name that makes no apparent sense. I can see this Sue being a right cow to everyone who encounters her, but them being unrealistically nice to her and loving her all the same, despite the attitude problem. The only faults to this profile are that firstly there's too much description of her powers and not enough of her looks; Sues focus more on how a character looks than what they can do, as a general rule. In any case, I want to read more about this character in later rounds.

The profile is pretty well done, overall. However, some points taken off due to the fact that it's a little hard to read; there is a certain lack of proper punctation, and a lot of awkward run-ons. While one would expect an actual Suefic writer to do just these, this is a spoof contest and these should be fun to read. It's easier to enjoy it if you don't have to puzzle out meaning.

That little bit of criticism said, let's move on to the more pleasing particulars, shall we?

Our Sue has the looks any girl would envy, it says… and what sue hasn't? The description is aptly ridiculous. I especially enjoy the phrase "an ample gravity defying bosom". Who would realistically say that? It's so… so… absurd that it's funny.

Personality? B*tchiwitch Sue, obviously; appears all sweet and caring when you first meet her, turns into a beast after a few mere moments, can only properly stand to be around the mysterious "best friend" figure with a very Irish name.

She is manipulative, she's spoiled and selfish, and exceedingly moody. Very B*tchiwitch.

The ambiguity of the power statements are just perfect; what the heck are her powers, anyways? Unstated, she just "oozes" power anyway, because b*tch is just that freaking' fabulous. there's no rhyme or reason to it, it just is. And, of course, beauty must be reiterated under "power".

Ah. So now we know why she's so evil and full of hate; mummy dearest was murdered by dad. As of yet, revenge seems to be open-ended; it hasn't happened yet, so far as I can see. Aside from the murder, there is little to no detail about the rest of her life. There's a little but on being bitter and abused, a little on being "grounded" by Tara, and then…

True love ahoy! Perfect DreamBoy is oblivious to Scarlet, but she will have him! He's even the owner of the most horribly punny bar in town, "Fangtasia". It's so over-the-top I'm a little ill. He's described so elegantly as "he is tall, extremely handsome and he has the palest white soft skin, the brightest blue eyes and a hard toned body"…. well, what about his hair? Guess Scarlet doesn't like it was much as those washboard abs.

Doll Critique.

I allowed this larger base than normal; it's only a little over the limit and you've made good use of it so I will allow it to stand. I love the folds of her dress and of course the black stockinged leg which has to be visible. Her hair is fantastic, tho it's a little difficult to see against the background which is a problem. There could be better positioned highlights on the clothes, and the background could be a bit lighter, but all in all, this is a fantastic doll.

The hair looks a tad bit pillowed and doesn't have quite enough contrast, and the skirt lacks a consistent light source, but the border, background, and corset are all fabulous. Due to a relatively ease description, it was pretty easy for you to make her match. Nice touch with the nail, too; I likely would have forgotten something like that.

I'm a bit surprised that creamy-white neck of hers is plain, though; a woman who wants it her way all the time would need a fabulous necklace for such a dress, no? Something to keep in mind next time.

The blood droplets are cute, but too opaque; fresh blood, when dripping, is semi-transparent and darker. It would be darker along the outside an transparent along the middle, with opaque pink-white highlights in the upper middle. Given the background, which you doubtless didn't pixel by hand, I'm sure semi-transparency shouldn't be too hard on an unanimated image.

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