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I had to rush to get this in before work, i know it needs work but submitted it anyway to boost entry numbers

Jasmina, Rose petal, Flora, Buttercup
Age: 14
Fandom: Fern Gully

Appearance: Jasmina, Rose petal, Flora, Buttercup is a flower fairy, she is a delicate fae with long honey blonde hair that glistens in the sun like the purest molten gold, her lips are soft and supple and are the colour of rose coloured petals, Jasminaís skin is soft and pale she dusts it with pollen every morning to keep it fresh.

Personality: Jasmina, Rose petal, Flora, Buttercup is loved by all in flower land, she is a fairy princess so she can pretty much do as she pleases, people bring her gifts every morning honey dew melon for breakfast, fresh cut flowers for her hair, homemade honey cakes for tea she is very spoiled and becomes easily jealous if one of her friends has something that she wants or hasnít got, although jasmina has a good heart and tries to do good she has a side to her that she tries very hard to hide, some people in the kingdom can see through her but they dare not say anything or confront her in case she gets upset, putting faults aside they all love her dearly, Jasmina loves to help those who love and cherish nature and hold life to be sacred Jasmina opposes anyone who is adverse with nature.

Powers/Skills: Jasmina, Rose petal, Flora, Buttercup has the ability to communicate with the wild animals of her realm, she sometimes calls for them when she is in need, the birds often fly her far off places, she relies on the quick wit of the sly fox to get her out of a sticky situation, the owlís night vision protects her at night, she has many animal friends. Jasmina is close to the earth and its element so many of her natural powers come from the earth; she can also alter the perception of time.

Bio: Jasminaís father died many years ago when she was just 3, her father was King of Fairyland, he was known for her stern ways, strict temperament and harsh punishments, this kept many fairies in line, her mother died just a few years ago which deeply saddens her as they were very close, Jasmine mother was the one who nurtured her through life, she and her mother spent nearly all of their time together, they understood each other perfectly, many of their days were spent walking, talking, gathering flowers, making herbal potions and remedies for all of the needy, sewing clothes and making perfumes just to name a few, jasmine learned a lot from her mother, without that she would not have the insurmountable wealth of knowledge she has today.
Jasmina, Rose petal, Flora, Buttercup spends each morning sitting atop her flower bed watching the world go by, she uses her magic wand to spread happiness to everyone who passes her way, she spreads joy by singing beautiful tunes, the majestic sounds ringing throughout the land, she entertains the local folk by dancing on her flower, everyone watches bewitchingly in complete awe, there is not much that jasmine canít do or get, she has everything but she is bored, Jasmina needs a change of scenery and more than that a challenge, What will the future hold for Jasmina, Rose petal, Flora, Buttercup.
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