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Name: Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones, or the state of Texas
Like a flowing willow Breanna’s body is graceful and elegant. She has large, curves, and her chest could rival Ukraine’s in size. Her skin is lightly tanned to the perfect brown, naturally of course, and she has flowing waves of red hair, like licks of fire that shimmer and shine. Pale blue eyes are like the sea and seem to stare into your soul, making her look even prettier and innocent. Her outfits of a shirt, vest, jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat tend to show her perfect, elegant body well, and she has a dazzling white smile. Her curl is heart shaped. Her nails and toenails are always perfectly painted and cut evenly. She has no scars on her flawless skin.
Personality: Innocent and kind, yet wise beyond her age. She is adored by her other siblings and by far is her father’s favorite child. The other nations love her, especially Spain, Germany, France, and Switzerland, all of whom threaten to go to war for her love. She cares about everyone, and no one can hate her, even Belarus, except for Liechtenstein, who hated her because Switzerland loved her, who eventually became her bestfriend. Her childish innocence and purity coupled with her knowledge make others run to her for advice all the time. She’s polite and lady like, but never stops smiling. She is loving and a bit clumsy, but never seriously injures herself, as there is always someone to catch her.
Powers/Skills: She’s immortal, and can eat whatever she wants and never get fat. She’s skilled at singing, acting, and dancing. Her piano skills rival Austria’s; she can shoot better than Switzerland; and can cook better than the Italy brothers and China. She also is known for her ability to cast spells and see mythical creatures better than England and Norway. She can fight better than anyone too, but refuses to do something so mean as to fight another person. She is masterful at sewing, as well as knitting. Good mediator in argument between states and nations.
Mexico found her when she was little and instantly fell in love with her, but he wanted her land as she refused. He left, only to return and r*pe her, leaving her alone to sob her heart out. America took her in later, and she grew to love him and was by far his favorite child. She grew up and, even though she wasn’t a nation, but a state, was allowed to go to World Conferences. The minute she walked in, all the men stared, and a couple of females too.

All the male nations fell in love at first sight of her. But, Liechtenstein was very jealous and was always a ***** to her. Because of this, Switzerland hates Liechtenstein now and kicked her out of his house because she dumped her lunch on Breanna Eva Hannah Jessica Maria Jones.

Switzerland offered her his hand afterwards and she was so happy. He confessed he loved her more than he’d ever cared about Liechtenstein, but her heart was too go, and used her voice to enchant him to love Liechtenstein again. The girl forgave Breanna and they became best friends, and it was even more proof that everyone loved her.

However, he father, America, was jealous, and locked her away in a tower to keep her pure and from the ‘evil’ nations who wanted her. England rescued her and America admitted he was wrong about them being evil and that he was just trying to protect his favorite child from the horrors of the world.

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