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Wink Princess Aquamarine Oceana Nehire of Marina - 05-13-2012, 05:36 PM

Name: Princess Aquamarine Oceana Nehire of Marina
Age: 14
Fandom: The Little Mermaid

Appearence: Aquamarine has the longest and most beautiful blond locks of hair in all of Marina. As she swims the light refelcts from it making it glow as bright as the sun. Her porcelain skin is smoother than silk and never gets wrinkled from the water. It is said that her eyes match the color of the sea and are so lovely that all the men can't help stare adoringly into her eyes.Aquamarine's tail is coveted by all because of it's magical ability to change color. She is the only one who is able to do this.

Personality: Aquamarine is one the the most loved and adored mermaid in and out of Marina. She helps others in need and always listens to her parents. Aquamarine is also know for her honesty and self-control. She is trustworthy and can handle any obstacle. She is also know for being witty and is amazing at solving problems.

Powers/Skills: Aquamarine is one of the fastest swimmers in her ocean and her enchanting voice can calm any fish and person near her. She is very good at settling arguements for the good of the mer-people.

Bio: Aquamarine is the first born mer-child of Queen Serene and King Octavius of Marina. They were awed how gorgeous their new mer-baby was. As news of her beauty spread throughout the oceans, a sea fairy heard the news and immediatly went searching for this mer-baby. She found Aquamarine and discovered that everything about her was true. The sea-fairy decided to bless Aquamarine with the gift of being able to change her tail color whenever she wanted.

As she grew, she became more and more beautiful each day. She also made many friends. But she became best friends with Ariel from Atlanica. They did everything together. The sang together, swam together, and even went on adventures. Aquamarine was always there when Ariel found a new piece for her collection. Ariel trusted Aquamarine with all of her secrets. Even about falling in love with a human.

Aquamarine was shocked when Ariel told her this news. She couldn't believe that Ariel could fall for a human. Sure, they were interesting to look at, but a mermaid and a human could never be together. Aquamarine said," What about my brother Liam? You do know that he is deeply in love with you?" Ariel replied with, "HHMPPF! All he does is worry about himself." But Aquamarine and Ariel knew that wasn't true. Liam was Aquamarine's younger brother. He had quiet soul and was shy, but he was kind hearted and very thoughtful. He was perfect for Ariel, but she wasn't quite ready to settle down yet.

"Oh Ariel, I know you don't mean that," said Aquamarine.

" *sigh* you're right, I don't. You're brother is actually very kind to me. I just can't get over this human though. He was very enchanting," said Ariel.

"Look Ariel, you know that mermaids and humans can never be together. They can't live underwater and we can't live on land. Think about," said Aquamarine.

After Ariel gave this some thought she replied with, "I...I guess you are right Aquamarine. I have no clue how a relationship could work between a mermaid and a human. I just needed to get my head of the clouds. Thanks for helping me out with this issue."

Aquamarine said, "No problem! I'm glad that you agree! Now that we gotten that out of the way, you want to race to Marina? Last one there, is a rotten shellfish!"

"But you're so fast, how can I beat you?" asked Ariel.

"I'll try and slow down," said Aquamarine as she began swimming towards her home.

"You're on!," exclaimed Ariel as she attempted to catch up to her friend.

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