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Base:TheHWord on deviantART

Name: Scarlet Victoria Rose, Violetta, Ambrosia Nightshade

Age: 20

Fandom: True Blood

Scarlet Victoria Rose, Violetta, Ambrosia Nightshade is a Vampire, Her long black tresses cascade down her back like a dark waterfall to reveal shiny hair like spun silk, her delicate pale yet luminous skin shines like spun silver, her figure although long & lean still retains its curvy hourglass voluptuousness, an ample gravity defying bosom usually spills out of her bustier's or corsets, Pouting lips as red as a blood red rose glistening with liquid, eyes are as brilliant as a diamond , Virginia is the envy of any female.

Scarlet’s clothing style can only be described as Sexy Gothic Elegance, The blackest, darkest shades are her favourites, she will wear anything that is dark, she has a corset fetish which dates back to the 1800’s, her mother was a corset maker, Scarlet prefers to wear fine silks and satins close to her skin, it makes her feel sensual, occasionally she will wear more understated clothing depending on her mood or the situation she is in, fine elaborate details are always present on any clothing she wears.

Scarlet although beautiful in her appearance can seem like a sweet and innocent woman, all who meet her see sugar and spice and all things nice this may seem to apply to Scarlet on the outside but she is actually a very manipulative personality, Scarlet’s mother taught her from a young age to use her skill in the art of manipulation to get whatever her wicked little heart desires, “Survival she called it” Herself absorbed, selfish egotistical, Narcissistic ways are used on any unsuspecting characters to obtain her needs, Her constant need for blood being the main reason for her evil behaviour, not only does she expect everything to be given to her on a platter she places herself high on a pedestal and believes she is entitled to everything, because of this she has accumulated a large amount of money, jewels clothing & gifts of every description which she holds in large chests up in her attic, her unsuspecting victims are none the wiser to her schemes, Scarlet does not see herself as evil, she sees herself as a survivor.

Scarlet has only 1 true friend Tara, whom she has known since she was a little girl, Tara is the only one who understands what Scarlet has been through and why she is the way she is, tara also knows there are times to stay away from Scarlet, she has a black mood that Tara fears, anything is possible when she is in her black mood, classed as a loner Scarlet lives a fairly solitary existence and over the years she has learned to survive on her own, she often sees herself as a chameleon adapting to her surroundings and changing her personality in order to fit in amongst the others.

Scarlet is a little over 200 years old, she oozes power, no one is more powerful then she, many have tried to overpower her without success. Beauty & manipulation is what Scarlet uses to gain positions of authority and at present she is at the top of her Hierarchy and below she has many subordinates to do her bidding.

Scarlet use her Glamour skill to erase memories from her victims and she also has the supernatural ability to read minds, she also has the kiss of death skill which when a victim is kissed by her it renders them oblivious long enough for Scarlet to feed, with all of her many skills Scarlet manages to succeed in everything she puts her mind to, Scarlet never fails, Scarlet is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Scarlet’s tragic past started when her mother was murdered by her father, hanging by the neck and drained of all blood was how Scarlet found her mother in her own back yard, she vowed from that moment on that she would get revenge on him, this seems to be an impossible task as her father is also an elder vampire and is very strong, she will have to find a way to defeat him, she knows she will that is a promise she made to herself many years ago.

Scarlet was very young when her bitter hatred & mistrust towards humans started, at an early age she was taken advantage of by her father, brother, a cousin and other men, who used and abused her, cast aside like trash she vowed to takerevenge on all who hurt her, It is no wonder that Scarlet turned out to be the person she now is, The only person who can keep Scarlet from completely going over the edge is Tara, Tara keeps Scarlet grounded, without her she would surely succumb to insanity or worse., Tara promised Scarlet’s mother not long before her death that she would help Scarlet through life.

Scarlet has one true love, his name is Eric Northman, Eric is the owner of a bar called “Fangtasia” it’s a local vampire haunt where all the fangs and fang bangers hang out, he is tall, extremely handsome amd he has the palest white soft skin, the brightest blue eyes and a perfect hard toned body, he is absolute Perfection in Scarlet’s eyes, Eric’s feigned disinterest in her makes Scarlet all the more determined to win him over.

Are her skills the match for him, are her powers strong enough, is she beautiful enough to seduce him…..all will be revealed.

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