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Originally Posted by TheHayleyDoll View Post
RPer: "He stabbed her in the heart with his wooden stake."

SUE: "Or so he THOUGHT, but he missed because she has super fast reflexes and moved slightly to the left, just enough to make him think he got her. When he was vunerable to attack, she quickly attacked and killed him instantly."

RPer: F*** you.

Have you been stalking me on the RP private server I play on all this time?

Miranda, can I see your sporkings? I bet I'd find them both hilarious and educational. xD I've had a few arguments with bad roleplayers in fairly recent times, if anybody would like to snicker at it.

As for the contest... I miiiight enter. If I get a suitable gust of enthusiasm. I could do a Warcraft sue; a Blood Elf daughter of Varian the Vampire and Garrosh by immaculate conception and time-defying sister of Sylvanas who defeated the Lich King many times and personally slew Deathwing, and is also an immortal Darkfallen (because that's cool) and has the reforged Frostmourne and re-corrupted Ashbringer. She might also possess Thori'Dal, the stars' fury, and be supreme commander of both the Horde and Alliance by virtue of her impossible parentage. She shall also be a master of all magic, arcane, divine and natural, and will be unstoppable in all melee weapons disciplines and all Pandarian martial arts forms, as well as being a perfect aim with every ranged weapon you care to name, including shurikens. And she will have glowing pretty pink eyes. And also amazingly long and beautifully wavy rainbow-coloured hair and perfect white skin and- uh... I don't know, a special scar on her right shoulder.

Oh f***, now I have to try entering. Sad me. Although, I need to know something; if anybody remembers the Frostmourne I pixelled, am I allowed to flip that around and include it in the doll? (The idea of pixelling a new one just makes me want to hit my head on a wall.)

“I mean a weapon you hold. You have a gun, Tanith has a sword... I want a stick.” ~ Valkyrie Cain
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