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Default 04-05-2012, 06:00 PM

10th Sandstone, year 6
The construction of the tunnel is almost complete. Now begins the long descent into the depths of the earth, to get fuel and materials for the rest of the traps. I will be going with Deduk, so we can take turns with the pick; I am not a skilled miner, but slow digging is better than none at all.

11th Sandstone, year 6
Reached an underground cavern today. There are trees here, of a sort; giant fungi that grow taller than dwarves and whose pulp is denser and sturdier than wood. We shall not venture into the caverns to cut them, though, since there are many dangerous and hostile creatures in the area. Our true goal lies further below.

15th Sandstone, year 6

We have found many riches in the bowels of the earth. Gold and silver ore, more gems than we can count. These treasures are of little use to us though. We must press forward.

28th Sandstone, year 6
Finally, we have found it! The great magma sea, and more than I could ever have hoped for - raw adamantine! Though we have no way to forge it right now, nor any way to reach it, this has given me hope. For the moment, we shall continue with the original plan. A glass furnace shall be set up, using the magma as fuel, and from the glass we shall fashion many deadly traps.

11th Timber, year 6
We've returned to the upper fortress and informed the others of our discovery. Cog and Dumat both volunteered to be the glassmaker. I chose Dumat, since she seems to be a quick learner and we need Cog up here for farming and cooking. She'll take sand and turn it into serrated glass discs. These are fragile, but sharp. When propelled with enough force, they should easily dismember the undead.

18th Timber, year 6

I found strange mushrooms growing in the sand in the upper fortress. It appears that after we breached the caverns, spores of the great fungiwood and tower-caps drifted upwards and took root here. Perhaps we won't have to venture into the caverns to acquire wood after all.


And another season draws to a close. We had 3 more migrants, but didn't even get a chance to let them in before they were slaughtered.

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