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8th Malachite, year 6
The trap works! As soon as I finished tearing down the wall that separated us from the surface, a dead water buffalo burst in, hungry for blood. I barely managed to run out of the other end of the corridor before Deduk pulled the lever, and the corpse was crushed so thoroughly that not a single bone was left intact. It will not rise again.

11th Malachite, year 6
Onul and Erith came. We put them to rest. It has been quiet, so I ventured out for the first time in months. The sunlight burned. I saw a dead dwarf lying in a field, could not tell if it was Ushrir or Domas. He did not get up, but there were more corpses in the distance. It is not safe to leave.

16th Malachite, year 6
It looks like the area immediately outside our little "fort" is safe. I have fashioned a crude axe out of wood and stone and cut down some trees outside. We will need lumber to make more defensive traps.

22nd Malachite, year 6

I saw dwarves, living dwarves! A small group, refugees by the looks of them, chased by the dead. Five of them are now gathered safely inside, but three panicked and ran off. I doubt they will return alive, but I have kept the gates open for now.

24th Malachite, year 6
Two of the missing refugees have returned unharmed. Thikut insists that her husband must still be alive, but I cannot wait any longer. I have ordered the gates closed.
At any rate, we now have seven more dwarves to deal with - four of them children, the adults all simple peasants and farmers. Thikut tells me they fled when their settlement was ransacked by goblins. None of them have any weapons, nor supplies, nor any idea of how to survive in the wilderness. There is no way we can make it out of here with this lot.

28th Malachite, year 6
I suppose it is something I have known for a while, just not wanted to admit until now. We are not going to get out, we will have to settle here and carve out a fort in this undead-infested hellhole. And if we're stuck here for better or for worse, we might as well make ourselves comfortable.
I told Deduk to carve out some bedrooms and a dining area on the lower level.

7th Galena, year 6
Dumat was itching for something to do, so I told her to smooth the walls and floors of the memorial chamber. I also ordered a still to be built. Now that there's more of us, our booze stockpiles are getting depleted at an alarming rate and being stuck here without alcohol is a frightening thought.

14th Galena, year 6
The first bedrooms are completed, but we have run out of wood and cannot make any more beds. I must venture to the surface soon to cut down some more trees. Dumat has made nice progress with the memorial hall and I told her to take on the living area next; she seems to have a talent for stoneworking.

23rd Galena, year 6
My attempt to acquire lumber was a bitter failure. I had barely set foot aboveground when I was spotted by a dead water buffalo cow and had to retreat. The beast followed me through the corridor, but when we attempted to crush it, the bridge itself broke apart. It must've suffered some structural damage earlier; it did not even slow down the beast. The corpse is trapped in the tunnel and can't get through the doors, but we are cut off from the outside.

24th Galena, year 6
I have formed plans for a new exit tunnel. It will be filled with several kinds of traps, and if any should get past them, they will have to descend a staircase and enter a cavern whose ceiling will collapse on top of them. That should be enough to halt any intruders, but we are not planning to put that to test just yet. Once the tunnel has been mined out, Deduk will take his pick and dig deeper. We will need the lifeblood of the earth to defeat the undead once and for all.


So, we got our first migrants, a group of eight consisting of two families:
Thikut and Atir (the one who ran off and got killed by the undead), and their three children, Onul (yep, same name as one of the first 7), Kumil and Goden.
Dumat and Cog and their son Mebzuth.

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