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In a part of Russia far away from the Xavier institute, a peaceful scene played out in a town square. A family sat by the fountain, the mother throwing a coin in. Nearby, a cafe was full of people. It seemed as tho things were going as normal in the town, until they were rudely interrupted.

A blast from a tank exploded the fountain and the family jumped up, screaming. People fled in all directions as armed soldiers marched on the square, shooting indiscrimately. Any who fell behind were immediately captured.

A woman ran with her husband and son just as a tank blast hit the wall nearby. The boy fell and the man rushed to him just as the stones fell. The woman put her hand up to her face in horror, believing that her husband and son had been crushed by the falling maisonry. The dust cleared; incredibly, they were alive, the man having pulled his son into a nearby alcove. He ran forward, grasped his wife's hand with his free hand, the other clutching their son, and they ran together.

A different scene was playing out in another town. A woman and a man were entering a crumbling building that had been locked up for decades. The man pulled out a key and unlocked the heavy gates which guarded the building and pulled them open. He unlocked the door, and after struggling for a time with the rusty bolts, soon pushed it open.

Inside was a long forgotten room that had once been a lab. Dust lay on the surfaces, cobwebs hung from the ceilings and skitterings from corners indicated the presence of mice. In the centre of the room was a steel chamber. Despite the neglected look of the room, the lab was kept well supplied with power and the machines still were functional. It was for the best that they were, as held in ice within the chamber was one of the worst weapons ever devised by the Soviet Union.

Inside a prison cell awaiting execution by firing squad, was convicted serial killer Arkady Rossovich. He had killed several people, for no other reason than the pleasure of taking life. Arkady's career of murder had finally been brought to an end, and, the Soviet Union not liking for such Western follies being found within their perfect nation, the serial killer had been tried and quickly sentenced to death. But another fate was in store for Arkady.

A government official visited him in his death cell. He had a proposition for the serial killer, one that he couldn't refuse. Soviet spies had brought news of the USA's newest soldier, a man named Captain America, who was fighting for the USA and who had been made into Captain America due to a super soldier serum. The Soviet scientists had created their own serum, along with a metal to rival the American metal adamantium. Their metal was just as strong and durable as adamatium, and named carbonadium.

More mallable than adamantium, this metal was made into retractable tentacles which were to be implanted in the subject's arms in order to create him as a living weapon. The metal was poisonous, but such small details didn't bother the Soviets one bit. Arkady was put thru the machine, and re-emerged as Omega Red. As well as the deadly tentacles, which could be used to suck out a victim's life force, Omega Red also had armour made of the same metal. However, the Soviets soon discovered that they could not control their creation, and were soon forced to encase their living weapon in ice and lock him away in an old abandoned lab.

Inside the lab, the man, Vasily Yenin, turned to the woman, a Russian mutant known as Darkstar.

"It's time to bring back the greatest weapon of the Soviet Union," he said.

"If we are to bring back the Soviet Union."

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