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Tried to edit in Firefox, then went into IE and it worked. Oh well, guess it's just another Firefox thing that won't work here.

Long list now...

1. Godmoding. That, basically speaking, is someone who controls another person's character without asking permission. It can be anything from posting what they are doing, to posting how they react to something your character did. I've had people do that before here, back in the bad old days when I was first made the mod of the RP forum and trying to bring some order to the forum, and it annoys me just as much now as it did then.

2. Mary Sues. Just as irritating in RP as they are in fanfic, Mary Sues are poison to RPs. To have someone posting in an RP with a character who's the best at everything, loved by all and who always wins just ruins the RP for everyone else and pretty much ensures that everyone else will leave. The same goes for anyone who posts an RP with their horrible Sue as the main focus; it's not going to garner many players and those who do join will eventually leave in disgust.

3. People who post RPs without thinking. In other words, people who just go right ahead and post an RP without seeing first if anyone wants to play with them so the RP just sits there gathering dust. You can't assume that everyone will automatically sign up for your RP; if said RP is on some obscure subject, or has a zillion rules, then most people will just pass it by. All you have to do is ask your friends first if they want to join, then post it.

4. Scripted RPs. A pet hate of mine, cuz it just suppresses creativity. I don't mean giving out rules for your RP created world, but an RP where the owner tells you what your character is called, their personality etc and what's going to happen next in the RP. Basically, they're controlling the whole thing and it gets old fast. I've seen these posted on other sites and they either end up degenerating into flame wars, or everyone just gets fed up with the RP owner and leaves.

5. Spam posting in a rulebreaking RP. This thankfully doesn't happen so much now, but back in the aforementioned bad old days when I first posted rules for the RP forum, a lot of people did this. They erroniously thought that if they mega posted in their rule breaking RP and got it up to ten pages before I saw it, then I'd forget about the rules and let it stay. No way. Doesn't matter if an RP that breaks the rules is one page long or one hundred, the moment I see it it'll be locked.

6. Copying RPs. This just depresses me. When I see a new RP, I hope that the owner has the creativity to make one that's as original as they can make it. Of course, a lot of the themes are used over and over again, for example, vampires, but it is entirely possible to make your RP different to the other vampire themed RPs rather than just plagurising someone else's. This usually happens if someone tries to join an RP, is told no for whatever reason, then makes their own which is a copy of the one they weren't allowed to join.

7. Thin RPs.
These RPs are posted by people who didn't even bother to click on the rules topics, let alone read them. They usually consist of one or two sentences for the plot, for example, "this is a school where everyone has powers lol so post your character with their crush and power etc" along with their own character complete with page stretching anime picture and very few words to go with it. Either that, or it'll be a vile Mary Sue. In order to RP effectively, you must have at least three paragraphs for a plot, along with another paragraph with any rules for your world and a big intro. Otherwise, the RP is boring and unplayable.

8. Whining. This can be either about the rules ("They're too strict!") or about the fact that they weren't allowed to join an RP. Contrary to popular belief, the rules for this forum are not strict; I've seen RP rules on other sites that are ten times more strict. Also, I am not an ogre and am perfectly happy for people to join my RPs as long as they a) read the forum rules and b) create a good character that fits the RP. If they do neither then I don't want them there, and neither would any RP owner. Moaning either in the RP or in a PM about the rules or that they weren't able to join an RP with their sick making Mary Sue is a road to nowhere.

9. Noobs. Noobs, just to clarify, are not newbies, but instead are people who don't want to read the rules and don't want to improve their RPing. They are the people who will constantly try to join closed RPs or post their rulebreaking RPs over and over until threatened with bannage; sometimes, even after being temp banned. I and the other RPers will wear ourselves to a shred telling them the rules over and over and informing them how to make a proper character and a decent RP, all in vain. These people never learn and will usually only leave the forum after they're finally given a long ban.

10. Lack of spelling and grammar. This is tenth in the list cuz I'm no grammarian or spelling Na'zi; the odd typo, misspelled word etc doesn't really bother me cuz we're all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. Also, I use the odd shortened word cuz I'm a lazy typist. XD However, when someone posts in constant chatspeak, ebonics, kRaZy or 1337, it really tries my patience and I will not allow it in RP cuz it interrupts the flow when you have to spend ten minutes working out what someone's character is doing cuz they've posted it all in chatspeak.

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