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Navinduidamarax-Redidamaxilurik walked out of the doorway. Dragons had an awful habit of giving their children unbelievably long and complex names, despite the fact that their expansive intelligence did not make long things with numerous syllables any easier to wrap one's scaly head around. Navin had just given up trying to pronounce his full name early on and insisted that he was called Navin. And that was that. He was trailing behind the others, shock and disgust written plainly across his face. His hair was watermelon green and his skin possessed a similar tinge, but his eyes were bright red and slit-pupiled. His skin was translucent and the red glow of his blood was clearly visible, contrasting oddly with the green.

He hadn't been expecting this vilely poluted mockery of a world, and had turned up expecting to find himself in the medieval era. That had been about the time that dragonkind had withdrawn to the other world, and he'd been the equivalent of an infant. Hundreds of years on, he was still only an adolescent, because dragons could take millenia to live, grow old and die. His age showed, because his human body was a fifteen year-old boy. He'd dressed up in dark green clothes that wouldn't have been out of place in old England. He'd also brought a cowl to prevent his hair and eyes giving him away, and a dull green slate sword with a red gem set in the blade that was stuck through his belt . Such swords were tools for casting spells, rather than real weapons, and were another product of the dragons' exile. He was painfully aware that the few humans in sight were wearing things he didn't even recognise, but he noticed one of them had ridiculously coloured bright blue hair. For a moment he thought it was another dragon, but he could see the eyes were normal. That eased his worries slightly.

The senses of dragons were sharp, even in their human disguises, and the air was choking him. Even after so long, he could tell it was filthy and a far cry from the clean oxygen that had prevailed on Earth for millenia past. How could any race cause such corruption? The dragons had existed for far longer, and their civilisation had been much more organised and expansive, yet they hadn't caused a shadow of this damage. He had a coughing fit and doubled over.

Navin considered changing forms and flying away to see if the air would get better, or just diving back through the doorway, but he held his ground. There was no way in any event that he was going back to hear his mother hissing "I told you so!" xD.

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