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Zackery Sebastian Ainsley Pardus, or Shiki for short, stood beside his cousin, Princess Cecilia, on the ship. He was looking off and up into the sky through the little window next to her hammock, thinking of a more pleasant place than the rocking and rolling of the boat. He slowly brought a hand up to his mouth to keep back a mewl of distress and sickness. His vision was beginning to dance and everything was looking a little on the blurry side. ‘No!’ He thought, ‘Shiki must be strong for Sissy.’ He nodded, determined and hrld onto the wall for dear life, his long nails digging into the boat with a sickening creaking noise.

They were previously talking about the treaty and the ABANDONED Island they were heading to. The Island of the Ancients, or Star Island, was an Island left abandoned for many years. Now only ruins remain, and they were to conduct business there… what a stupid idea that was. Did his uncle not care for Sissy and his safety? What if the ‘Wolves’ ambushed them? What if those barbarians killed them on sight? His tiny, heart-shaped pink nose wrinkled in disdain as a haunting shiver raced down his spine. Just the thought of the lonely Island gave him shivers and a bad case of nausea… though, that could be from the rocking of the boat. Shiki mewled again.

Wobbling over to his water basin and mirror, he peered into the reflection. His near white skin was a little green around the gills, pasty, even, and his blue, gold rimmed eyes looked a little watery and blood shot. His long black hair was spotted white on here and there in clumps. His bangs swooped down and nearly covered his left eye as two fringes of pure white hair, on both sides of his face, framed his feminine jaw. ‘Shiki still looks like a girl’, he sighed through pouty lips and then frowned. His hair looked so dull from its natural, splendid glory. In fact, it looked unclean and he just had a bath before he left port. His ears flattened against his head and tail bristled as he nearly hissed, he HATED baths, really hated baths.

His musing was cut short when a voice rang through the air: “Land, ho!” Eyes widening and ears perking, Shiki took off after his cousin, pushing his way through the crew -short as he was, barely 5’5”- and peered over the railing. His eyes glowed with joy as he spotted a little strip of brown land. Oh sweet, sweet land! Sissy cried out in happiness, he was happy too, anyone could tell with his gentle smile. Soon they would be off this dismal boat and on stable land!

Blushing a little, he composed his features lest any of the crew say his excitement and stood by his cousin, proud and strong just like his father told him. He watched Sissy disappear to the cabin and he turned to the crew, staring them down as best as he could. “And Shiki demands cake!” His lips pulled down in a frown as he tilted his chin up and sniffed haughtily, turning on his heel a moment later and returned back to the cabin. He knocked on the door, softly calling out, “Sissy, Shiki needs to change…”
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