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Default 01-25-2012, 09:14 PM

Well, I had an interesting night/morning last Saturday/Sunday.

I have this friend. I'm going to keep along with my theme of produce censorship. I have this friend Jalapeno, who I've known for about two years. At first I barely knew him, but then we got to know each other, and about a year ago, I started liking him. I've been crushing on him for a year he's probably my best guy friend. Well I've definitely been crushing HARD on this guy and I was texting him last weekend while I was over at my friends house. After an extremely long conversation, I was texted what I mistook as him confessing that he likes me. And it's not like this was just hopeful thinking because he's made quite a few flirty comments before. Here's a basic summary of what had been said that night:
He had jokingly told me to tell my friend Taro that he had fallen in love with her (I know this was jokingly because he had never met her before). She obviously told him to go **** off. Literally. (What a good friend haha). Then after I made the comment that he didn't know her and he said he tries talking to those he doesn't know because he doesn't like those he does. I told him I felt offended, and he said I was one of the exceptions. Then I said:
"Now I feel loved" then he said
"You are loved" then I said
"I deserve love" then he said that I had his, and all that he was giving to Toro. So I asked him what he meant by those comments, and he said if I couldn't figure that out, I didn't deserve his love.

I took the bolded statement as my chance to finally tell him my feelings and was extremely nervous after doing so. He responded with the following:

"You really know how to flatter a very un-expecting boy. I don't think I could go and say I've come to such a level with you, but I have started considering you a very bright spot in my life and someone I can always enjoy talking to. I'm sorry. But... wow. Hahaha liking the only guy who actually makes fun of you for being a socialist*? Hahaha you're awesome."

So I'm not crazy when I say I was totally led on right? I mean, that's a very suggestive comment that apparently came out of nowhere. I was upset at first because I really liked this guy, but I'm getting over it, I'm even doing a project with him in school now. He was extremely sweet about the whole thing, even sending me a four-page thing telling me everything he liked about me, and that actually made the whole thing harder. If he had a been a jerk, I could have been mad and just sort of say good riddance, but his super sweet response just showed me exactly why I like him. All my friends are saying I still have a chance with him, and to just give him some time, but I'm not so sure. What do you think?

*DISCLAIMER* I am not a socialist. He just calls me that because I'm on a state funded medical program for low income families. It's our little inside joke.*

"I feel you breathing... Everywhere...The rain, the hay... please. Please Wendela."

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