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Default 01-19-2012, 05:46 PM

I am so upset now.
Same friend, different problem. She treats me like I'm an idiot, and that I can't do anything right. Today in gym(which is our last class) she comes up to me like half way through class and goes(btw, we carpool) "You need to ask your parents to take us home, my mom needs to take her medicine." And like says it all super rude to me and I go "Well, I don't know if they can because it's short notice." And she goes "well my mom only texted me before gym started." Then she just walks away. And I was standing with my other friend, and I'd told her earlier how she had been treating me so I turn to her and I'm like "You see what I mean?" and she goes "Yeah she has a really bad attitude towards you."

Then in the locker room I went out with the phone up to my ear to call my dad and find out if he could take us, and I come back in and she goes (really rudely, yet again) "My moms on her way so hurry up." And I like sighed heavily and go "I just called my dad, he's already coming." And she goes "Well I didn't think you'd actually ask him." So I just got ****ed and like all my friends could see it, and she just walked out. I literally just started cussing my head off. I figured my dad would take me home, and I like was begging him to pick me up and he just goes "well I have stuff to do so go home with them." So I like walked outside and my friend stopped me to talk to me about what happened in the locker room and I just started crying.
Then she came over and was like "whats wrong?" So I told her she'd been treating me really horribly and talking to me like I was an idiot, and she goes "No I haven't, but whatever." And just walked away. She's pretty good at that. So I walked right by her, obviously crying, and went and sat by myself just bawling my eyes out. You know what she does? Stays where she is and laughs with her other friends.
No one came over to comfort me. No one gave a crap.
I'm so sick of her. I can get along with people, and I can tolerate things pretty easily. It takes a lot to make me cry, this is the first time I've cried in weeks.
But when someone starts insulting my intelligence by treating me like I can't do anything for myself, that's when I can't tolerate it. She knows I was bullied in elementary, she knows that I don't like being treated like I'm stupid. But she does it anyways. And then this, this is the result.

"Are you my mummy?" "Don't blink." "Count the shadows." "Look behind you."
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