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Emily Rosewood sighed as she made her way to school. Great, I just LOVE being the new kid halfway through the school year, she thought sarcastically to herself. She shoved her way in to the old, half-decrepit high school and made her way toward the principle's office, following the signs hanging from the ceiling. Gym... no... caffeteria... no...

Emily was an extremely curvy sort of girl with a large chest. Her hair was a mess of black ringlets tumbling down her back. That day she wore a red long-sleeved tee-shirt and a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, and she knew she looked great. The jeans hugged every curve, but the fabric was stiff enough that it didn't exaggerate any pudge. The long-sleeved tee was loose around the belly but strained at the bust, thus making her waist look absolutely tiny.

She'd gotten herself expelled form the last school... but what did those people expect her to do when those idiot jocks tried to get in her pants? Just let them treat her like an object to be won? Hell no! She'd kicked them all where the sun don't shine... and a few other fights later, she was expelled. Forced to go to this school.

The young teen girl with the carefully pleated hair came to a decision; she was going to join Circle Twilight. She was a short girl with dark skin and was "full-figured", meaning that she had a little extra curve to her body than was desirable.
Melody Richard was a shy, sweet sort of girl. Despite this, it had been a tough decision on what circle she ought to join; she felt pressure to go into Circle Midnight, as most of the rest of her family -excepting her grandmother- were in Circle Midnight. But at long last, Melody figured out that following her own heart was more important than conforming to anyone else's desires...
Now, if only she could convince her mother of that.

He had such striking yellow eyes. A true golden color, sparkling, electric, metallic. Those eyes were the only thing distinctive about him, however; the rest of him was small-boned, and his hair was a simple short cut and reddish-brown in color. His face was thin, most people would say "fox-like".

They'd have no idea how right they were. Farron was a fox shapeshifter, and a member of NOON.

He found the large, abandoned house easily enough; it was a bit conspicuous, what with the locals all avoiding it as though it were haunted. Hell, he'd even hear a few rumors about such a thing...

Humans are fools, he thought to himself as she went for the house.

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