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Lopakhin pulled his wheeled suitcase along behind him as he left the airport, muttering about TSA and airport security and how he was getting quite tired of the patdowns. He made sure to do this well aways from the airport; people tended to make a scene if you b*tched about the TSA agents too much. He stopped at the curb to wait for his taxi, pulling his long gray-streaked black hair back into a ponytail. He needed to dye it again; he was stressing out far too much lately. "Now where am I supposed to meet her," he muttered, checking his phone. "... ugh." He wrinkled his nose delicately; he was supposed to meet with NOON and by extension Nofret, and he wasn't looking forward to it at all. He dealt primarily in cattle selling - as in actual cattle, cows and the sort, not humans. He didn't look down on feeding on humans - he just couldn't stand doing it himself and he had no idea why.

He wondered if maybe it was just the fact he was made and not born, at times, but that made little sense because few other mades seemed to have the same feelings about it. With a grunt, he picked up his suitcase to put it in the back of the taxi that pulled up, got in, and told the driver the address.


Miya was sleeping in. Well, sort of. She was already at the school and was sleeping at one of the cafeteria tables. She rather enjoyed being able to sleep where-ever she wished and did it often, and she often slept like the dead even in the randomest, most uncomfortable looking places. She had little to fear, really - at least from humans who had no know-how. Miya was a lamia vampire and had been born during the colonial era of the United States, back when it had simply been a group of colonies on the brink of war. She remembered little of that time, or of the war; her family had fled the fighting and stayed in a strange house made of dirt. Though, once the war had ended, they'd returned to their well-off stature.

Though her family was affluent, Miya didn't act like it. She was a cheerleader - but also a huge theater geek and was currently assisting the drama teacher as an aid, having exhausted the regular classes. Her favorite subject was science, even though she'd been in the class hundreds of times by now, and her favorite branch of science was biology.

She was also quite into gothic fashion; though most of it was extremely uncomfortable to wear, she did love the gloves and long sleeves and corsets. In fact, that was her clothes for the day - a long-sleeve black sweater with thin leather gloves, a black corset, and slim black jeans. Goodness, it was black everything - even her hair, which was wavy to her shoulders. Her green eyes blinked open sleepily and stared at the clock on the wall. Ugh, it wasn't time for home room yet.


Arik Roarke opened his bar early that day - though this was mostly to showcase the restaurant that was being added to it. He loved to cook and his daughter Jesie was going to handle the bar for him.

Now he just had to wait for customers.

... dammit. He yawned and rubbed his face, staring sleepily from behind the kitchen counter.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!
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