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A werewolf is a subspecies of shapeshifter, so werewolves are allied with shapeshifters rather than other Night World races. Werewolves (sometimes called 'wolves or just wolves) can transform from human to wolf (and vice versa) at will and do not rely on the phases of the moon, tho these are important to werewolves in other ways. Werewolves are wolves that take human form, rather than the reverse. This means that they have animal instincts and urges, even in human form. There is no difference between those who are made and those who are born; werewolves can make other werewolves by biting them during full moon time. The bite is usually in the shoulder or arm, and the human will gradually change into a werewolf during the time the moon is full; by the time the moon begins to wane, the transformation is complete. This also applies to shapeshifter transformations. Unlike vampires, werewolves must kill every time they feed because they need to consume organs. Thus, Night World law states that werewolves can only kill and eat animals. In the Night World, werewolves and shapeshifters are treated as second-class citizens and are the victims of prejudice and racism. Burning and silver will hurt werewolves, and their symbol is the black foxglove.


Shapeshifters had control of the world long before witches and vampires. Their leaders were known as "Dragons", beings that could change into the form of any animal as long as they have had physical contact to that animal. To kill a dragon you must take off all of its horns.The more horns it has the more powerful it is. Normally, shapeshifters can only change into one pre-determined animal form. The witches rose to power and put the dragons to sleep, except for the youngest one; the dragon princess who was only a child at the time. All of the ruling house of shapeshifters are descended from her. The descendants of the ruling house of Drache have the ability to choose what animal they will become, but this choice is permanent. Shapeshifters have to eat flesh every day but are not under the same restrictions as werewolves. A shapeshifter form can be any animal or bird form, but not insects or fish. Like werewolves, there is no difference between born and made shapeshifters and humans can be made into shapeshifters in the same way. A human turned by a shapeshifter will have the same shape as the one who turned them. Burning and silver will hurt shapeshifters, and their symbol is a black lily.


Humans have been ruling the world since after the vampires, which is why members of the Night World must keep its existance a secret. Humans are unaware of the existance of the Night World, and believe that vampires etc are made up creatures. They read stories about Night World creatures and watch movies, which are full of inaccurate details. Hunters are humans who have found out about the Night World, and seek to destroy Night Worlders. They are constantly in danger from the Night World and must keep their faces covered while out hunting, and their identities secret. Old Souls are humans who have lived before. Humans are reincarnated several times, but will only remember their past lives if they are Awakened Old Souls.


The alarm clock shrilled out next to a bed that contained a sleeping form. A moment later, and a hand emerged under the bedclothes to switch it off. Then the boy who's hand it was sat up in bed, running his other hand thru his messy hair. School again; he thought briefly about not going, but gave up on that thought. After all, there was very little to do in the town, and especially in the collection of trailers where his pack had made their home. The locals tended to avoid this area, calling it a commune of weirdos and perhaps worse, which was just how the werewolf pack liked it. No-one had the authority to move them, and no-one would try, anyway. Dolph had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and was about average height. About half an hour later, he had washed, dressed and was on his way to school. It was important that he attend; not doing so would attract attention, and Night Worlders seldom liked to do that. It was far easier to blend in with the humans and keep them in ignorance of the world that ran alongside theirs.


In a house on the other side of town, a human boy was getting ready to walk to the school. Lee Sheppard yawned as he brushed his teeth after breakfast, then checked to make sure he had all his things before he left the house. His mother called out a goodbye as he walked thru the door, shutting it behind him. Lee was fairly tall and thin, with black hair and grey eyes. He was on the track team, but had little or no interest in other sports. Running was good enough, and it helped keep him in shape. Lee didn't have a girlf; however, there was one girl in his class who had something about her, something that made him want to get to know her. Her name was Miya and Lee had crushed on her for quite a while. Maybe soon he could ask her out; maybe it would be today that he'd get together the courage to do so.


In the middle of the town was what looked like to the unassuming eye as an old abandoned house. Rather a large house, almost a mansion. Its windows were boarded up; it was rumoured to belong to a guy who lived overseas. Certainly, no-one had ever seen him. The house was avoided by the locals just as certainly as they avoided the collection of trailers that were over on the far side of the town. A girl crossed the road and walked towards the building. She had long dark red hair and green eyes. She walked with the ease of a predator, taking long strides, and there was an inhuman look of beauty about her. She in fact did not look at all human, and she wasn't. Nofret was a hybrid, the result of a vampire and shapeshifter, and she was a rare creature. Tho hybrids did exist, there were hardly any of them in the world due to the Night World considering them abominations. Nofret didn't care a jot for the Night World; that was why she'd formed her own faction; the New Order Of Night. And that faction was growing day by day; Nofret smiled evilly as she unlocked the front door and let herself inside the house.

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