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Rose decided that she'd liked the sound of the word 'alone' a bit too much; indeed, they would have to talk. For now that the status of their relationship had changed, she needed to go over her limits with him, for she knew she wouldn't be able to enforce them without his cooperation, not with things the way they were going.

Rose was a Christian, and had been one all of her life. This meant that she believed that the act of, er, "mating" was something special, something meant for life-partners only. She needed to discuss boundaries with Damien for sure, though she knew that he was not the kind of jerk who'd try to take advantage of her. Still, it was an important matter to her, and she planned on speaking with him about it first-thing when they arrived in Pripyat.

For food, she picked out a small bag of chips, some applesauce cups, a juice bottle, and a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. "Damien, did the bike come with helmets?" Rose asked. She wondered idly if her poof-ball hair would fit into a helmet, and did not look forward to the challenge in the slightest. She'd put the food, after it had been paid for, into her own small backpack, and then had resumed holding onto him.

But for her, it was for purely sentimental reasons; Rose didn't fear losing Damien, for her natural sort of repulsion to him would help her with that, so long as he was within a certain range. If he wasn't, she could always find some spider or other to guide her to a conspicuous spot where Damien would be sure to find her; spiders were surprisingly chatty creatures, and Rose loved them. She didn't know what she'd do without her powers of animal speech.


Damien replied to Rose straight away, answering her question, "Yeah, it comes with helmets. I asked them especially cuz I was going to be carrying a passenger. I can ride a motorbike alright; Dad's taught me how. I just can't get a licience in America for a good few years yet. We can set off now, if you like." Damien had bought a couple of large water bottles, too; the water in the dead zone would not be safe for Rose to drink and unpleasant for himself. He left the shop with Rose and went to the bike, handing Rose a helmet. "Put this on; also, you might want to hold on to me," Damien said. "The roads aren't that good round the dead zone; well, they wouldn't be seeing as not many people go there any more. There might be a few people around when we're there; perhaps a tourist group, and there are a few old people who still live in the dead zone cuz they didn't want to leave. But they won't bother us."

They set off. Damien rode the bike carefully, not taking unnecessary risks and eventually leaving the main road for the road leading to the checkpoint. The checkpoint was manned by two guards, who examined permits then allowed people into the dead zone. The only ones who could bypass this necessity were the animals. Damien could have gotten in the animal's way, in other words, through the forest, but that had only been a last resort in case he could not get a permit. Thankfully, it would not be necessary. They soon arrived at the checkpoint and Damien asked Rose to remain with the bike while he showed the permit to the guards. They looked it over then raised the barrier so that Damien and Rose could pass. Damien went back to the bike and once he'd checked that Rose was alright, sped off.

The journey did not take long. The road was, as Damien had said, in disrepair with a few cracks where plants had grown through. Damien managed to avoid these, though, staying on the parts of the road which were comparitively smooth. As they got nearer to where the farmland was, it became apparent that nature was fast taking the land back. Trees grew all around, pushing through the road. Animal tracks led through the grassland, and a small herd of wild horses could be glimpsed grazing in the distance, around a broken down farmhouse. The power station was visible in the other direction, a small distance away, near the main city of Pripyat, which had once housed many of the people who worked there.


Rose had managed to get her helmet on with surprisingly little difficulty. She was perfectly comfortable with wrapping her arms around Damien to hold on. At first, she felt odd with the experience of a motorbike, and a bit nervous; what if they fell, or crashed? It would just be the two of them and whatever hit them first, be it pavement or another car. But, after a while, she began to relax and enjoy the ride. She waited quietly at the checkpoint, and was glad when they got through.

She found the ride on the bumpier roads less enjoyable; once, she accidentally chomped down on her own tongue. And, to think, Damien's doing a good job avoiding the BIGGER bumps… she thought sourly to herself. But then, when she saw the horses, she cheered up immensely; she loved horses. She was eager to go and greet them, to learn about how they lived. She was almost enchanted by the trees, which looked fairly young but healthy and strong, and was glad to see that nature really and truly conquered all.

When Damien stopped the bike, Rose hopped off and took her helmet off. "Damien? Before you go to, uh, do your job, can we talk?" Rose asked. She swallowed nervously and, not waiting for an answer, went on, "I - I mean- uh- well… since things have… changed… between us, we need to talk about - about boundaries." She swallowed again. "Damien, I'm a Christian; always have been, always will be. It is my firm belief that - that 'going all the way' is reserved for people who intend to spend the rest of their lives together. I - I want you to tell me your policies on - on that. I think it's necessary for any couple to come to a full agreement on how far they think it's acceptable to go." She sucked in a deep, steadying breath and hoped that he wouldn't hate her for saying this, that he wouldn't sneer with disgust and call her a prude, or something.

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