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Name: Anastasiya (Ana) Kulikova
Codename/Alias: (when recruited, will adopt codename “Snowskin”)
Age: 16
Species: Snow Maiden (more explained on what that is in bio)
Occupation: None yet
Abilities: Mild weather influences, but only over snow and small bits of wind; no rain, no storms. Frost powers, immune to all cold.
Bio: Ana's parents had had a perfect happy marriage for many, years. They'd moved from Russia to America some years back, and had been very happy with the change. There had been only one problem; they'd never had any children. They lost all hope of ever having any of their own and soon speculated on adoption. One winter, they went out and made a snow kid, and wistfully pretended it was alive; the process to be approved for adoption was a long one, and both were impatient. Upon gazing at their creation, Tamara said, “Oh, God, I wish we had a real child!” Now, many Russian myths tell tales of Snow Maidens, with slightly different variations. But the truth of the matter goes that it is the elemental spirit of Frost and Spring that, when they hear heartfelt requests such as these, come together and grant this wish, despite their knowing that, so far, it has only ever ended in tragedy.

The parents, of course, could not see nor feel the presence of elementals, but did see the miracle before them, for out of their mini snowman burst a child, a real child. Her skin was actually blueish-white, as were her eyes. Her curly hair more milky, as were her lashes, and her lips were similarly pale, though not blue, but a pale pink. The would-be parents of the Snow Maiden freaked, of course, and made many calls and to see if there were any missing children to match the description. Of course, there were none, so they ended keeping up the seemingly five-year-old albino and naming her Anastasiya, a name popular in Russia that means “resurrection”. They learned to love their miracle child, and took good care of her, but they sheltered her.
One of the Original Snow Maiden tales
Appearance: At sixteen, Ana is thin and fragile looking, despite having a normal appetite. Her skin remains milky-white, having lost some of its blueish-white appearance as she aged, and her eyes are a light, crystal blue. Her hair is a mass of white-blonde curly fluff, which she hates, and her eyebrows and eyelashes are almost invisible. She could almost be pretty, but her small mouth with little color and clear eyebrows just end up making her appear odd.
Personality: Ana is naďve, sweet, innocent, and a complete pushover. She believes in the good of humanity, knows nothing of the truth of her birth, or her possible fate of melting from the inside out as soon as she falls in love. She's got no backbone to speak of, and has a very, very hard time making decisions, to point of asking others' opinions and not trusting her own. As such, she can come across as annoying at times, because she's always saying, “Um, um, I don't know, what do you think?” She does love reading and all forms of mathematics, and is highly intelligent in that regard, but is otherwise rather helpless. (Think Fluttershy kinda girl, but without the animal talent.)
Weaknesses: Heat of any kind. Ana cannot go out all summer, except for occasionally at night, for she feels faint if she does. Also, it has been known that any Snow Maiden to ever fall in love has melted from the inside out, though there hasn't been a true Snow Maiden for a good four centuries.
Other: If Ana is offered a hot meal, she will refuse to eat it until it's at least room temperature. She only showers with cold water, and enjoys popsicles immensely, even during winter.

Ana had to face it; she was lost, utterly lost. Just how had this happened? She'd been with mother and father but a few minutes ago at the fair! Now, she was standing over by the petting zoo alone, and her cell phone had no charge. None! She began to hyperventilate and bit back pitiful tears. “Mom? Dad? Where aaaaare yoooooouuuu!?” she called for the millionth time. People around her gave her wide births; some sneered at her contemptuously, others gave her pitying glances; to them, because of her short stature and petite figure, she looked about twelve.

Ana tugged at her whiteish curls and chewed her whiteish lips and began to hiccup in panic. This couldn't be happening! Not now! She'd been following them when a large group had cut her off from her parents and they'd disappeared from sight. As a small child often does, she began to wander, hoping that she'd see her parents in some direction or another, not thinking about the fact that her parents would likely search for her by the petting zoo and that she ought to just stay there.

But she didn't, and now made her way toward the ferris wheel, one of her favorite rides. Tears splashed down her face, and it burned to cry, singed her skin most painfully, but she couldn't stop. She started when a man in his forties came up to her. “Hey, little girl, are you lost? Do you need help?”

“Eep! Um, yes!” Ana said meekly. Had the girl had more experience in the real world, she'd have noticed the odd glint in the man's eyes and wondered at his stares, but as it was, she was so relieved to find 'help' that these things went unnoticed.

“Here, come with me; I'll help you find your parents,” he said, taking her by the arm and leading her away. She followed him quietly for a while, not noticing that they were headed toward the parking lot, when an idea hit her.

“Hey! Do you have a cell phone? I could just use it to call them, and they'd come find me! I couldn't do that earlier, because mine's dead,” Ana said.

The man's eyes went cold, and he clamped a hand over her mouth and harshly whispered, “Hmm, no, I had something else in mind.”

Too shocked to think for a minute, Ana simply let him drag her for a moment before screaming and thrashing in his grasp, but he was too strong for her. In a moment of true panic and animal-like fear, Ana unleashed something, and her captor was immediately frozen from head to toe. And not in the cartoon-like wasy, as in encased in a large block of ice, but rather covered in frost. Ana broke free from his frozen limbs and screamed shrilly again, attracting the attention of others now.

Most stared mutely in shock at the frozen man, but one person managed to get a picture on his cell phone before Ana ran off as fast as her little legs could carry her. Eventually, she found herself back at the petting zoo, and was reunited with her parents. The party went immediately home, horrified by Ana's story, and the Kulikovas realized for the first time how wrong it had been to shelter their daughter so.

The man who'd gotten the picture later sold it to the local paper and news station, where the story of the strange girl and the frozen man would be aired and written respectively. The man had been revealed as a p*mp later, but no on knew who the girl was... that is, until a fellow student at the local school ratted her out. Ana was now afraid to answer the phone; too many calls asking for interviews came.

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