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^Ugh, tell me all about it. I'm not going to pretend I can resist the urge to be snarky and sarcastic when giving out my special brand of advice to people, but some of the responses I've got from people I've given "advice" to are beyond the realm of mortal idiocy.

In particular, there was this random cow on the server I play on. She committed such atrocities as being closely related to important lore characters (had some random werewolf b*tch character who was apparently King Genn Greymane's niece, or something like that.) had absolutely no skill in writing, and responded to any critiques with a garble of horrifically structured insults mixed with very bad excuses for excuses. Excuses for excuses. She also called her equally mentally impaired and unskilled friends to flame me for daring to call her out on her half-a$sed trash.

It came to a head when she made a pair of polar-opposite Night Elf sisters. That's when I couldn't take it anymore. >_> One was a Death Knight who was apparently a huge who're and could seemingly arouse even the bloody dead, had about ten thousand titles, and defied all sense and reason whilst conforming to nearly every common Mary Sue trait you can think of. And her sister was an equally impossible Night Elf Paladin. Paladins are holy warriors of the Light, which is a religion in the Warcraft Universe; as Night Elves exclusively follow the goddess Elune, the concept of a Night Elf Paladin is far beyond the impossible. She didn't even bother to make any sense with her "backstories." They were packed full of visits from lore characters to make her seem more sparkly and speshul, which made them even worse! WORSE!

All in all, her stuff was absolutely terrible, and she was completely unrepentant, but at least I got to have some fun shredding it.

And I'm sorry for clogging the thread up with WoW-related stuff, but Warcraft roleplay is pretty much my realm of expertise these days. It gives me a lot of horrific material to have fun with. xD

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