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Default 08-07-2011, 04:32 PM

I'm not sure if I'm mad or sad about this.

Soo I just broke up with my now ex-boyfriend. Yeah part of me still likes him but it's just what was best for me. Except my "best friend" has just recently gotten kinda close to him I guess and she's always talking about the stuff he helps her with and junk but I don't want to talk about him because I want to get over him. So I tried telling her that and talking about it, but she got all mad and started saying she never talks about him and that i shouldnt try to get over him because basically thats something she isnt capable of doing, so apparently im not capable of it either. I asked her to try and understand that i didnt want to get back together with him because i broke up with him for a reson, and she said she was being understanding but since we were texting I couldn't hear how sincere she was(bs btw.)
So I got mad and told her I thought we needed a break, because basically this constant irritation I get from her has been going on for a while. She didn't take it to well and got really upset.
I feel horrible because she's been my best friend since like the first day of 7th grade, but for the rest of the summer I don't want to deal with her drama and junk. I love her, but I need my space. And I want her to understand that. But I don't think she will. And idk what to do because school starts on the 17th, nd I think we're carpooling. I'm just really upset with the whole thing. I love her, really I do. But ugh she's really infuriating.

Liikkeee in 7th grade she was telling everyone she's been to Hawaii six times, and when I asked her about it she said it was 3 and when I told her she had said earlier it was six she goes "No I never did that!" she like, always changes her story and gets mad when you tell her she said it differently before.

And she tends to be a little selfish, like I mean with some stuff I understand but other stuff just makes no sense to me. Like particularly with guys.

She also tries to kinda run my life. Idk if she realizes it, but that's how she makes me feel a lot of the time. We're both religious, but when I get in fights with my other friends and try to talk to her about it, she basically tries to make me do what she would do and it's just...annoying.

And she gets very jealous of me. I mean that sounds snotty, but she tells me that all the time. Like, sure. A few guys like me, great! But they usually happen to be the guys she likes and she gets really upset. And last week at youth group, I didn't want to hang out with her and her boyfriend because personally I don't really like him, so I wanted to hang with my other friends. And like when it was over I was walking around with one of my other friends having a really important conversation, and she calls and is like all peeved and goes "um I have to go now."(we go to youth group together and leave together) so I had to cut my conversation short with my it her friend and leave. So yeah. I'm kinda done.

Whew it feels good to type all that out xD

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