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Four more Sues, complete with descriptions and illustrations. XD

Japanese!Sue. This Sue has two main types, so will describe each one separately.


This Sue generally dresses in traditional Japanese gear, tho there's nearly always something a little off about it. She will be part of a world where her appearance and behaviour does not fit in at all, and will act in a stereotypical fashion. Geisha!Sue will often be written as behaving just like a fifteen year old schoolgirl, mirroring the Suethor and indicating that she Did Not Do The Research.


Also Did Not Do The Research, this particularly irritating Sue will spout odd Japanese words at every opportunity. While randomly saying "Kawaii!" is most popular, this Sue will also call every single person -chan and greet them with "Konnichiwa!" Kawaii!Sue will also spout pointless drivel about every anime her creator has seen, regardless of whether it's appropriate for the world where she is, or the time era the world is set in.

Exchange Student!Sue.

Usually an American exchange student at Hogwarts, altho on occasion a Sue of this kind will fall into Middle Earth. ES!Sue will inexplicably go to Hogwarts, altho there's at least one canon magic school in America, ie the Salem Witches Institute, and will proceed to take over everything, including being the bestest friend of the Golden Trio. A "fell to Middle Earth" Sue will conversely join the Fellowship and get everything into a muddle by saving Gandalf from the Balrog and preventing Boromir's death.

Gary Stu.

Gary Stu is worth mentioning on this guide, for he is the male equivilent of Mary Sue. Also called Marty Stu, Larry Stu or Gary Sue. Gary Stu is usually breathtakingly handsome, is misunderstood and has a tragic past. He can be either a preppy pretty boy or a brooding, dark goth; or even a combination of the two, and invariably saves the day and gets the girl. Unless he's the star of a slash story, in which case he gets the guy. Like his sister, Gary Stu is incredibly irritating to anyone who writes properly, and is annoyingly perfect.

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