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hope this isnt too late

name: Leigha
tale represented: sweetheart roland
short description: Leigha normally isnt one to dress girly but she saw that the stepdaughter carried the witches daughters head away and she said alright lets do it. she is dressed as the stepdaughter at her wedding holding her stepsister's head saying "victory"
dollmaker used: The_Contestants Club donated props

Miranda: The doll is very wellmade, and I love the pose; so much different from the regular shuni style doll pose. However, I do think that the doll looks a bit too happy for what she's doing. I would have thought that she would be upset or frightened, rather than happy, to be carrying her stepsister's head, especially since it was her stepmother who was the enemy. The background would have been better also to have been muted, maybe even darkness themed, to go better with the mood. Overall, it's a beautiful doll but it doesn't really fit the theme at all.
Score: 5/10

Lovie: First off, congrats on finding such a perfect base/dress to use! It would have never occured to me to use that for this storyline, and I JUST saw it yesterday, lol. (Background knowledge for others: that was a donated prop from The_Contestant's Maker, it was originally a gruesomely headless zombie doll carrying it's own head) But as I was saying, I give immense kudos on the creativity to put a head on the zombie base. You did well on the color edits of the dress and head as well. But unfortunately my applauds stop there. The background is very beautiful indeed, but I don't think it goes with the particular story? A meadow or peasant house would have been better suited. Also, I'm a bit shocked at the behavior of the doll. The beautiful and kind daughter surely wasn't happy that her stepsister was beheaded, and what's more, is it happened a mere inches away from her and only a few short hours earlier? Relieved? Definitely, because she just escaped the same fate, but I highly doubt she'd flaunt it so grotesquely. You almost had me with the text. It's the perfect size and in the perfect position, but the message adds to the flaunt and, in addition, it's definately lacking creatively. Perhaps some color or design to make it blend more instead of seeming pasted? I also notice a lack of frame. As I say above in another member's review, these are obviously not required, but they do make for a more "complete" looking doll. Overall, you have great potential, but I do hope that as this contest goes on you pay more attention to details, theme, and, especially, to character portrayal.
Score: 6/10 points


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