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Default 07-20-2011, 04:36 PM

Name: Scuttler
Type: Unicorn
Age: Colt
Personality: A bit of a tattle-tale, though it only stems from his feelings of being left out. Has a bit of a Napoleon complex cause he's so small. Even though he can be a buzzkill, all he really wants is inclusion and he has some qualities that he hides to maintain his "tough" demeanor. If anypony broke through his walls, they'd find a fiercely loyal defender.
Bio: Scuttler has always been rather out of shape, and other ponies have picked on him for it. He also has a pink mane that many ponies don't see fit for a colt. He wears his mane and tale in a "punky" manner to show everypony how "tough" he is . His unicorn magic isn't anything spectacular; the best he can do right now is use it to spy by amplifying other ponies' chitchat; however, he still has to be pretty close to within earshot to succeed at this. Scuttler has always admired confident ponies; Neptune is one of idols, but he doesn't want anyone to know, so he acts very rudely towards him and his sister. He also has a bit of a crush on Clover so naturally acts nasty towards her, too. He is a good student, but tends to hide in the corner of the classroom, away from everypony. He prefers observing so he can report later. Any suspicious activity gets noticed by him right away...provided he isn't distracted.

Man, it sure is nice out, thought Scuttler as he tuned out Shimmer's crazed rantings about baby dragons. Even in his dark little corner, he could see the sun shining brightly through the window. Those pegasus ponies sure are good at their jobs, he mused. He was still gazing out at the temptingly verdant grass, thinking of all the mischief people would be up to on a day like today, when he noticed something strange. Clover, Neptune, and two other fillies were standing outside, preparing to trot off somewhere. He looked around the room. Shimmer continued to extoll the wonders of unicorn message magic, a topic he was fairly familiar with. No one is that good a tattle-tale without a bit of magic on his side. Scuttler scanned each of the desks carefully; every single one of them was full. How could that be? He saw four ponies outside, and he knew it. The only thing left for him to do was sneak out and follow them. He raised a hoof.

"Ms. Shimmer, could I have some time to go to the little colts stall?"

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