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Default 07-16-2011, 07:06 PM

The Warcraft private server I play on for WoWRP is just... awash with these things. Q_Q

I take great strides to prevent Amella from turning into a Warrior!Sue, or an Elvish!Sue. GREAT STRIDES. Amella doesn't usually get tied up in the melee; she runs away and pelts arrows back at whoever started a fight. Moreover, she often goes out of her way to avoid fighting, possibly by simply talking her way out of it, as she's well aware the world can do with a little less conflict.

While Amella does have a fairly tragic past (90% of the High Elven race were slaughtered by the Undead Scourge) that's nothing abnormal among High Elves, obviously. Unlike some of them, I don't let Amella rage endlessly about it. (*COUGH*Sylvanas*COUGH*) She holds some anger, obviously, over the slaughter of her people, but not to the point where it becomes anything major. She participated in many war efforts leading up to the destruction of the Necromancer responsible, but she wasn't present when he was finally killed.

Also, she wears full leather armour in combat, not some skimpy piece of chainmail that hardly covers her privacy. X_x That said, I have been a bit guilty of the "BARE YOUR MIDRIFF!" trope with her in the past (shuttup) but it's common sense not to run into any kind of combat with your stomach showing; you'll be torn in half. Amella is dangerously genre savvy, and knows this. xD

While she is adept at archery, this is again nothing special for Elven Rangers. They have plenty of time to practice, and have mastered the art over time. Many of her attacks stem from trick arrows (enchantments, special metal or stone arrowheads, et cetera). Amella is not telepathic. No Elf is. End of bloody story!

Now that I'm done ranting about Amella, I'll get on to the other filth that the server I frequent is awash with.

Emo!Sues: If you see an Elf in black who isn't a Dark Ranger, or Amella, then you can bet she's one of these little whiners. Even worse if it's an Undead, but fair enough, many Undead are just nuts these days, not emo. A few emo whingers do turn up every now and again, thought. Death Knights, too, have their share of emos, mostly Elves.

Elvish!Sues: Despite the fact that a solid 90% of the Elven race got their ***** soundly murdered by the Lich King, about 90% of the player population are Elves. Mainly High Elves, too, in defiance of the fact that 90% of that 10% became Blood Elves, leaving the High Elf population at a staggering 1% of its former size. Moreover, most of them are lolrangers who couldn't play the class properly if... yeah. There is great controversy on the matter, to the point where Elven players are automatically considered unskilled in roleplay on sight, just by virtue of the fact that they're Elves.

It doesn't help that the Elven model is extremely scrawny and weak looking, but most everyone does the impossible in combat anyway. This can include Elven males in full, ridiculously ornamental armour wielding two massive claymore swords, which by all means should break their arms, and then running at full pelt without tiring. It can also include people just wielding two swords; it is EXTREMELY difficult to fight with two swords. The fact of the matter is that while the movies would have you believe it's ****-easy, it actually requires great physical strength and huge concentration to achieve properly. Somebody with a single longsword could probably tear the hell out of some moronic Elf running around with two of the same sword, but does anybody heed reality in this? Nope! In this way, Elvish!Sues tend to overlap with Warrior!Sues on mah server.

Goth!Sues: We have these in the form of yet more Elves, typically Elf Death Knights, and they are horrible. We even have some horrible wannabe horror guild, led by some telekinetic elf called Alma Wade (you heard) who fancies herself a goff. I've seen their roleplays in the past; they even have some Elf Death Knight with a scythe running around with the name 'Death'. It's piteous.

Purity!Sues: These turn up in male and female versions. Usually High Elf (ugh.) Paladins or Templars who constantly display abilities to control the light that DWARF the most powerful holy champions. I've even been on the end of one idiotic Elf who literally flicked his sword in my direction and claimed that this summoned a massive wave of holy fire that "would" be washing towards me "right about now." I defied the laws of magic and reality and quickly ejected him from the tower with a knockback. xD

Above, I mentioned "would." "Wouldmoting" is a terrible plague we suffer from daily; we use a system called emoting to display character behaviour beyond words and/or most combat. For example, somebody could type "/e nods approvingly at the emissary, still toying with the parchment lying around on the map table". This is all well and good, until we get the apologetic idiots who insist on putting "would" before EVERYTHING. "/e would eat" "/e would drink" "/e would someday die of brain cancer" et cetera, et cetera.

But, back to the Purity!Sues. As is usual with idiotic Elves, they don't even know how to play their class properly; Paladins are warriors of the light, bound heavily by the rules of their orders and personal honour. The exceptions are Blood Elven Blood Knights, who literally "steal" light energy to use from a bound divine being.

The Purity!Sue Elf Paladins have none of this; they frequently do things in roleplays that would have their powers removed in the blink of an eye if they weren't defiant men of steel who apparently could easily beat up all their superiors and live to tell the tale. They also exhibit annoying behaviours such as constantly sighing or ignoring lethal threats completely (see: the **** walking into the burning Inn.)

But, I've ranted long enough. I should be posting this on the server forums, not here, but hey, I've posted it before, and it's not as though the noobs bother to read the forums at all. =|

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