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Name: Sandy Shores
Type: Unicorn
Age: Mare
Personality: Sandy appears to be a restful soul, and a highly fashionable mare with a girlish, princess-like fashion sense. In reality she is quite the gossip and cannot hold back secrets to save her life; she does not necessarily mean to spill all, she just doesn't know when to shut up. And, as she owns her own spa/beauty salon, she gets lots of material for gossip and a lot of ponies to spread it around. She is a ditz and a bit forgetful at times, but has her heart in the right place.
Bio: Sandy had a very sheltered and privileged life. She earned her cutie mark when she painted hooves and styled her friends' manes and tails at a slumber party for fun, and knew it was her destiny to continue doing so and to love it. As mentioned before, she now owns her own spa-salon combo, and has a lot of acquaintances and a few close friends... though said friends guard their secrets closely around her, of course.

Name: Herbal Tea
Type: Earth Pony
Age: Stallion
Personality: Tea is fairly quiet and usually polite. He is down-to-earth and friendly... until you anger him. He has a temper, and while it takes a while to get him truly mad, once he's there he more or less explodes on you. He also holds grudges, but not necessarily for little things like pranks or minor offenses.
Bio: Tea was raised in a large family, the one that owns Windy Acres farm, to be precise. His older brother, WindRunner, inherited the farm when his Cutie Mark showed up as a wind-blown orange tree.

Tea went on to be a medical practitioner when his own Mark revealed itself while he helped wrap his third-youngest brother's sprained ankle. He realized that he loved helping people in this way, and especially endorses natural remedies in his field. He still keeps in touch with his family, though he no longer lives at the farm.

Name: Stargazer
Type: Pegasus
Age: Filly
Personality: There are two words to describe Star, though they don't seem to go together: 'hyper' and 'nerd'. Stargazer loves to read, and often reads ahead in their textbooks, as her need to learn is insatiable and she feels that the teachers don't go fast enough.
Despite this, she is very ADHD, and has a hard time sitting still or paying attention during a conversation; even while reading, she is constantly shifting positions or pausing, getting up and pacing and muttering to herself, then sitting down again with the book. You could be in the middle of a very important or serious conversation and have her scream and squeal, "SQUIRREL!" as soon as she sees one.
As a result, ponies find her very annoying to be around. Worse yet, she doesn't seem to realize why it is she's so annoying.
Bio: Star's parents are fairly nurturing, though her dad firmly believes that a little tough love at times will go a long way. Her parents both encourage her reading, feeling that, despite her habit of bouncing off the walls (yes, she literally does that), that she'll go far someday.


Ugh! Magic was such a strain! Sandy Shores tossed her artfully-messy, multi-colored mane out of her pastel yellow eyes and scowled. Weren't there enough other unicorns to magically welcome in summer? Like, magic gave her headaches, and how could she have fun and paint her hooves when she had a freakin' migraine?

Not cool at all! But, fortunately, she was done for the day; now was time to relax, get a nice pedi, maybe buy a new necklace... though, she had to say, the pearl one with the little periwinkle bow was her fave semi-casual necklace in her collection. She never went outside with at least one accessory on; imagine the horror of being completely bare and plain!

From a little ways away, Sandy spotted Melody, one of her closer friends. "Hey! Melody!" She trotted over to the purple-coated mare and offered her a winning smile. "You wanna come and get a pedi with me? Your mane looks fantastic, by the way."


Dr. Herbal Tea cr.racked his neck, glad that it was time for his lunch break; he'd barely had a minute to himself all day. It was almost as if everyone decided to sprain something or worse in time for the summer holiday, and all rushed his office.

Ah, well, such was life, and it meant a good pay, at least. Tea grabbed his bag and slung it over his back as he left he wing of the Trottingham Hospital labeled 'Family Practice', which was where the doctors' offices were located, and mulled over where he wanted to go for lunch. There were several good restaurants downtown, but they usually got crowded around this time.


Fidget. Twitch. Wiggle. Squirm. OMG, SQUIRREL! Stargazer stared out the window of the classroom as she watched a rodent climb a tree, wishing she could go and hug it; they look soooo soft. Oh, yeah, lessons. Star forcefully swung her head back around toward the teacher.

She didn't mean to stop paying attention, it just sort of happened, and today it was especially bad. Besides, she already knew about how baby dragons had been introduced as messengers... she'd read it, like, five times, as it was one of her favorite lessons. She bounced about in her seat, making her somewhat short mane of purple-black hair bounce as well, which amused her and distracted her again. Lessons!! She bit her lip and tried to contain herself, but, as usual, it didn't las long; she was soon bouncing, unaware that a few students around her were rolling their eyes in response to her.

Oh, man, how was she going to survive arithmatic? Long dividing was, well, long, and she obviously didn't have it in her today; she'd have to tell her parents that she needed new meds, this stuff just wasn't working. Besides, it meant she got to see Dr. Tea, who was nice and had a really pretty shade of orange for his mane and tail. Desperately, Star looked over at Clover, who usually faired better than she did, hoping the other filly would notice her.

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