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1. When you join, please have at least one pony character who lacks a cutie mark. This will make it easier for you to RP in both locations. If you are having trouble coming up with a suitable pony name, feel free to adapt one of the ponies listed here. Please don't choose any of the main characters in MLP: FiM as this RP is set in a different town.
2. For appearance, make yourself a pony using the maker here. Cutie marks are not included, so if you require a cutie mark for your character, you'll have to put it on yourself. If you need any help with this, PM me. Link to your pony in the section of the character form marked "Appearance".
3. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. I don't really need to say why, do I?
4. No human characters; this is an RP about ponies, right?
5. This RP is also based on the flash game "Story Of The Blanks" as well as having elements of Silent Hill.

Character Form.

When posting your character form, make sure to fill in all areas. Delete the bracketed bits as these are only included as a guide.

Name: {Your pony's name, obviously.}
Type: {Earth pony, Pegasus or Unicorn.}
Age: {Filly/Colt; these are young ponies without cutie marks. Mare/Stallion; these are adult ponies.}
Appearance: {This is where you link to the pony you made in the pony maker.}
Personality: {Please include any faults or weaknesses here, as well as strengths}
Bio: {Tell us a bit about your pony.}


Name: Melody
Type: Pegasus
Age: Mare
Personality: Melody tends to be fairly bossy, and a bit of a know it all. She always thinks that she knows best, and is very impulsive. Despite all this, Melody is a loyal friend and very generous. She loves music and singing.
Bio: Melody works as a singer in Trottingham. She generally puts on a show at parties, festivals, celebrations... whenever it's possible for her to air her voice. As a pegasus, Melody also has to spare time to help the other pegasus ponies with the weather, which she considers a frightful bore and a distraction from her singing. Melody has visited parts of Equestria to give concerts, but always returns to her home town and her friends. She is somewhat vain, and likes to match her accessories to her cutie mark, which is three music notes.

Name: Clover
Type: Unicorn
Age: Filly
Personality: Clover is very down to earth, and can be blunt. She lacks tact; if something needs to be said, even an unpleasant truth, she will go ahead and say it regardless of whether feelings might be hurt. She is lazy at times, and thinks that school is a waste of time unless she's having classes that she's interested in. She has a hot temper, and will defend her friends if they're in trouble or being picked on.
Bio: Clover is very impatient and can't wait to get her cutie mark, and hates having to wait. She also dislikes being told that she has to be patient to find out what her cutie mark is, especially by older ponies. She has a quick mind, but never really applies it in school to lessons such as maths or science, as she finds these lessons dull. If she can get away with it, Clover will cut classes and persuade her friends to come with her, as she hates to be alone. She wants to go and live in Canterlot when she's grown up, but doesn't really know what she'll do there.


It was a fine day in Trottingham, and preparations for a festival to celebrate the coming of summer were well under way. Melody, a pegasus pony, was walking thru the town looking for her friends. She was excited and looking forward to the festival; Melody was to sing there, and she was going to be debuting a song that she'd written only a few days before. It was going to be a fantastic party. In Trottingham, magic as well as hoof and wing were used to make the seasons pass, so it happened in a relatively timely fashion. Melody sighed a little; before the party could occur, there would be much work involved. As a pegasus, she would be expected to help out the other winged ponies in making sure that every single cloud in the sky was cleared away, so that the sun could shine brighter and give off more heat. Melody considered this to be boring, and much prefered to spend her time trilling her voice, or perhaps browsing thru the fashion shop in Trottingham High Street to find the perfect accessories to wear for the party. Still, it would only take up a few hours of two days, and then the party could begin. Melody could hardly wait.

Clover stared out of the window of the classroom where she sat at the back of the room. It was evident that summer would soon be here, and with it, the holidays. "Such a waste of time," Clover thought to herself, "Making us sit inside when there's only two days to go til summer." She wriggled in her seat impatiently. The lesson was history, in which the young ponies learned all about Equestria and its history. Clover generally liked this lesson, but the day outside tempted her. The thought of the next lesson, which was two long hours of arithmatic, decided the young unicorn. She wasn't about to waste a nice day like today writing out sums; she would use her unicorn magic to create a diversion so that she and her friends could escape the classroom and explore outside. Clover sighed; she thought again, as she had thought many times before, of the fact that she still didn't have a cutie mark. When would it appear? Some of the ponies in the class already had theirs. It was a source of great annoyance to Clover that hers had still not appeared on her flank, and she wanted it to hurry up and come. And what better way to hurry up a cutie mark than to explore outside?

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