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Default FAQ Contd. - 07-04-2011, 09:52 AM

Q) Can I join a fifty plus page RP if I read the whole thing?
A) No. The rules state clearly that you can't join a fifty plus page RP; we've had a few users who claimed to have read RPs that are over a thousand pages long in a manner of days, which is impossible. If it's just hit fifty pages, then ask the owner; you may be quizzed on what's happened to prove you've actually read it. Also, if you've been in the habit of making Mary Sues, you may still be denied joinage of the RP.

Q) There's a person posting in an RP that I made who is godmoding/breaking the rules that I laid down/trying to make it all about them/making it negative when it shouldn't be/other. Can I bar them from the RP?
A) Yes, you can. If you're the owner, then if someone is breaking your rules or the forum rules and you don't want them posting there any more, then you can tell them not to. Just make a post in the RP telling them this and why, and send the link to me. If they refuse to accept their barring, let me know. And please warn them at least three times before you resort to this step.

Q) My character was rejected for not having a description! But I posted a picture, doesn't that count?
A) Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words. In RPs, they mean NOTHING. Okay, fine, you want to use a picture, use one, but you better back it up with a good description of personality, INCLUDING WEAKNESSES AND FLAWS. If you neglect these, your character is an insta-Sue/Stu and the RP owner will boot you. Also, don't make any pictures stupidly large and that stretch the screen, if you must post one.

Q) The newbie RPs are over fifty pages long; can I still join?
A) Yes you can. The newbie and tutoring RPs are excempt from the rule about long running RPs and also from the categorisation rule. Everyone can still join them at any time.

Q) You people are so strict! Every time I try to write an RP, you lock it. It's like my imagination is trapped inside a small box. I'm going to tell all my friends to not come on here.
A) If you think this site is strict, then you're going to have a nasty surprise if you try to RP on a site devoted solely to RPing. The desired level of roleplaying here is high, but not impossible. Basic grammar, plots, and not having a Mary Sue aren't that difficult and can be accomplished by mere children. If you want to tell your friends not to come here, then fine; you know where the exit is.

Q) Why can't you make a noob section for all the noob RPs? That way, you experienced RPers can RP how you like, and we can RP how we like, without having to abide by the overly strict rules.
A) Strict? Our rules aren't strict at all. All you have to do really is post two paragraphs detailing your plot, along with a conflict and what is going on. That's not difficult, and anyone can do it. If you're having trouble putting your RP idea together, then feel free to PM me and I will help you.

Q) I have an idea for an RP; can I post my idea on the RPG forum first and see if I can get people to join before I post the actual RP?
A) No. If you wish to discuss RP ideas, it is better to do so in PM or in chat.

If you have a question about RPing that isn't answered in the FAQ, then please post it in the topic so that it can be answered and added in.

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