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Default 06-30-2011, 01:00 PM

Not to light fire under this already hot topic, but to those consuming minimal calories a day:

It does work the quickest, at first, but there are SEVERE consequences. One of which is that it destroys your metabolism. Trust me, I know, I used to be anorexic in high school. My metabolism is permanently shot because of it. Now, seven years later, it's incredibly hard for me to lose weight. Why? Because my body goes into starvation mode with even the slightest hint of a diet. How is that bad? Your body is smart, it remembers how to defend itself. When it thinks I'm doing something INCREDIBLY STUPID, like going back to anorexia, it goes into starvation mode, which means it slows the metabolism WAY down and makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. So that "quick fix" that worked years ago? Doesn't work anymore, period, and it prevents a lot of other, healthier, methods as well.

I'm not trying to argue with anyone in particular, so please don't take this as a debatable topic to argue, but if someone does happen across that advice, I'd like them to be fully aware that there are consequences they may never thought of. When I was anorexic all I ever thought would happen was that IF it would ever get out of control, that my organs would shut down, but that's only the most-advertised problem. There are some that aren't commonly known that can affect you long-term, other than death or organ failure, and it happens much sooner than the instantly bad consequences.

As for the OP, my advice to you is to go find your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). That's the amount of calories YOUR body NEEDS to survive. 1,200 calories a day is actually an average number, much like the 2,000 calorie a day you see for percentages on food lables. Each body is different, if you're tall and sporty, you'll need more, if you're short and don't move around a whole lot, you'll need less. There's even sites online that tell you what your BMR is, and exactly how many calories you'll need to lose weight safely for YOUR body type.
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