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Mina stared off into the distance. "Well, for one thing, we had two definite leaders, who you've met, Eltos and Antos. Those are titles not names, and you have to enter a sort of competition to prove yourself worthy of becoming either. Then, when they're down to two, the previous leaders choose the new ones and the ones who came in second become the seconds in command," she began.

"Everyone had a role, a job to do; there was the nurse-mother, a female-only role. The nurse-mother took in all cubs a few days after birth and raised them herself; raising all the cubs together was to give the young cubs a true sense of pack, rather than family units like humans.

"There were healers like Rika, who studied the ways of the earth goddess and herblore. They take care of the wounded, lead all our, er, religious ceremonies, I guess you'd call them, and interpret the will of the gods.

"There are the hunters, who train to work together almost as if they're of one mind to herd and take down large pray. And there are the warriors, and I'm sure the title explains the role plenty good. The seconds are in charge of the warriors, kinda like human generals, that's what Dolph does. Eltos and Antos are more like presidents; they make the law, lead the people, et cetera, and the seconds enforce the law. The leaders can enforce it, too, of course, but it's important to have seconds who are loyal to you."

She paused then, considering. "It was both harder and easier, back int he forest. We got better food and got sick less often, but we didn't get to eat as often, either. The water was certainly purer... and the people were more organized. Also, I miss my training, my friends..."

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