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Originally Posted by AaronShadows View Post
Yeah right. We're in the process of driving the Alliance out of Lordaeron. It. Is. OURS.

We kicked you out of Andorhal. Despite some minor problems with an Elf who though it would be cool to fraternize with the enemy. (his Alliance boyfriend) We also kicked you out of Gilneas, or at least made you agree to leave. And we turned Southshore into a plagued wreckage, finally got Helcular out of his grave properly, et cetera. In Arathi, we killed the prince of that kingdom of ruins, and raised him as our own; soon, Stromgarde will join our Empire, and the dead that lie in the ruins will walk again.

I believe that the campaign against the Stormpike hobbits was devastatingly successful, too.

Face it, Elanorea, you're on the losing side. The only possible threat to Sylvanas' dominion in Lordaeron is the Argent Crusade, and you saw what happened to the last idiot who thought he could hide from the Banshee Queen behind his magic sword.
The Forsaken might have scored a few victories in Lordaeron, but I don't see their success being long-lived. The Alliance hasn't even mobilised most of their forces yet, and I'm sure the Argent Crusade will also eventually get their ass'es in gear as they can't ignore the Scourge 2.0 forming on their doorstep. Even that gormless knucklehead Garrosh is probably not going to put up with you for much longer.

Whereas before the Forsaken would claim to be different from the Scourge, they've now shown themselves to be exactly the same; and they don't stand a chance when the living races finally recognise the seriousness of the threat they pose, and band together to send them back to their graves.

And as for the rest of the Horde, they haven't been faring too well. Aside from Azshara (which was practically uninhabited anyway) they haven't scored any decisive victories. They attacked the Alliance in Darkshore, and were thoroughly defeated; they attacked the Alliance in Ashenvale and Stonetalon and were pushed back; and it's only a matter of time before Southern Barrens is under Alliance control.

In short, I feel your decision to faction change to Horde was premature and we'll see who has the last laugh.

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