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"I hope so."

*next day*

In Hogsmede, a scrawny black cat dragged itself to safety behind a dustbin and collapsed on the ground. This was in fact Ty, who for safety was remaining in his Animagus form. The journey to Hogsmede had almost finished him physically; tho his mental state was much improved from having been away from the Dementors. He lay in a haze, drifting away on a tide of sleep...

When Ty Harvey had walked into the sea at Azkaban, he had been sincere in his wish to die. Being at the prison, surrounded by the terrifying and soul destroying Dementors, had sapped his strength and sanity and sent him to the edge. Ty had had fits of temporary madness as a result of having to relive his worst memories over and over again; he'd wake from yet another blackout to find himself sprawled in the corridor outside his cell, with no memory of how he'd gotten there. In fact, he'd changed into his Animagus form, that of a black cat far skinnier than the official photo given out to the Daily Prophet, and had slipped thru the bars in his cell door.

While human guards would have noted such unusual behaviour and reported it to the authorities, the Dementors did no such thing. Blind and unfeeling, they only cared about having the prisoners nearby to feed off their pain and suffering. Ty had awoken from a blackout to find himself outside the prison. The first few times this happened, he had simply let himself be led back to his cell and locked in. Then, for reasons he didn't know, he had instead walked towards the sea instead of back to the prison. The Dementors could not stop him; they could not cross the sea and in any case, Ty had changed to his cat form. Animal emotions were harder to sense, so Ty had been, in a sense, invisible to them.

The waves had tossed his frail body around, but away from Azkaban, Ty's mind had cleared and he realised that he didn't want to die. Images of his wife and daughter went thru his mind and he made a determined effort to swim. Eventually, the sea tossed him on a deserted beach, and he'd dragged himself to shelter. One thought was in his mind... he had to get to Hogwarts...

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